Dafa disciple Jia Shouxin of the Institute of Electronics at the Chinese Academy of Science has been illegally detained for more than one month. During this time, the Institute of Electronics has paid the brainwashing center more than 10,000 yuan. In addition to someone from the Institute of Electronics going to the brainwashing center every day, Yu Jihua, the deputy secretary of the Remote Sensing Branch of the Chinese Academy of Science, has stayed at the brainwashing center to monitor Jia Shouxin for extended periods of time.

Jia Shouxin's father knows about his son's situation. However, for fear of aggravating the persecution, he has not phoned the institute. He is currently living alone at home.

In August of 2001, Jia Shouxin's mother became ill. During the October 1 National Day holiday period, because Jia Shouxin was forced into homelessness, the Institute of Electronics sent people to his house to harass his mother. Because of the heavy psychological burden of the persecution on her, Ms. Jia's mother's illness rapidly worsened. In April 2002, she passed away.

Jia Shouxin's daughter will have her fifth birthday on December 6. She has never received a birthday present from her father in person because he has been continuously persecuted.

Jia Shouxin was sentenced to two years in a labor camp at the beginning of 2003. In protest, he went on a hunger strike while being held in the Daxing District Legal Training Center for five months. He was forced to sit in a tiny chair built for children at the Tuanhe Labor Camp. For seven months he was forced to sit facing a wall. On August 23, 2005, he was released. Merely two months later, on October 24, he was illegally arrested again by the police and people from the Academy of Science. He is now being persecuted in the brainwashing center.

The Capital District Party Committee of the Academy of Science is the primary conspirator of this arrest and brainwashing. The Capital Party Committee is made up of secretary He Yan, daily business deputy secretary Xiang Guoying, deputy secretary Li Peijin (also the remote sensing branch secretary of the Academy of Science), deputy secretary Liu Songlin, Sun Jianguo and others.

Address of Jia Shouxin's employers:

The Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences' address: No. 19 Beisihuan Xilu, P.O.Box 2702, Beijing 100080
The Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences Employee List:
Head of the Institute, Yin Hejun: 86-10-58887018 (Office), 86-10-82522888 (Home) Secretary, Fang Honghuang: 86-10-58887016 (Office), 86-13301329101 (Cell), 86-10-64884324 (Home)
Deputy Head of the Institute, Wang Yanfei: 86-10-58887426 (Office), 86-13601336086 (Cell), 86-10-82521963 (Home)
Deputy Head of the Institute, Wu Yirong: 86-10-58887126 (Office), 86-13501079206 (Cell), 86-10-8252268 (Home)
Deputy Head of the Institute, Meng Xianmin
Party office: Zhang Yan, Chen Qiaozhen, Yue Zhibin, He Wei, Liu Hui
Others: Zhang Qunying, Li Jianxiong, Han Song, Zhang Shaojie
Zhang Yan: 86-10-58887002 (Office), 86-13301329102 (Cell), 86-10-62323829 (Home)
Xue Xiuqing: 86-13901131519 (Office), 86-10-62078797 (Home)
Liu Gang: 86-10-58887066 (Office), 86-10-82522728 (Home)
Yue Zhibin: 86-10-60875181
Fang Honghuang, Zhang Yan, Xue Xiuqing, Liu Gang and other are frequently there. He Wei is the defense branch chief. Yue Zhibin is the former defense branch chief.