(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner who stepped forward relatively late to clarify the truth. I always thought that saving people was simply having enough courage to clarify the truth to everyday people. I also thought that if I reached a few people who could understand the truth and helped a few others to denounce the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, then my truth-clarification work would be complete. In retrospect, I realize that I placed more emphasis on the formality of truth clarification rather than truly understanding the purpose of this essential work. I did not pay attention to cultivating myself; I even thought that I was doing very well in cultivation. After I read Teacher's recent lectures and Essentials for Further Advancement in late 2004, I gradually realized that the current tasks were to do the three things that Teacher has asked us to do. I then put my newly acquired understanding into action. Using the recent publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Teacher's article, "Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World," I immediately began talking to those around me about withdrawing from the CCP and many of them did so.

Because it appeared so easy at the beginning, I gradually developed a feeling of complacency: "Hey, I am doing pretty good." When my mother, also a practitioner, was enduring severe karmic tribulations, I continued to criticize her and never had the compassion that Teacher said we should have with one another. In "Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. Fa Conference (2002)" Teacher said, "... your conduct should always show Dafa disciples' tolerance, kindness, and niceness. The next person's things are your things, and your things are his things." This past summer, my mother passed away as a result of the persecution by the old forces. She left with a heavy burden because she knew Dafa was good. About 10 days before she passed away, she was still trying to clarify the truth to others, despite her failing condition. She worried that her shortcomings might have damaged Dafa, yet it is likely that her attachments intensified the old forces' persecution.

My mother's passing greatly influenced me and my family. For almost one week, I could not get past my grief, and the old forces intensified their interference against me. Sometimes when I sent forth righteous thoughts in the middle of the night, I felt scared. I then spent more time studying the Fa, but my situation did not improve for several days. The old forces' interference was intense. Their purpose was to trap and then persecute me. My mother's neighbors also had some misunderstanding about Dafa; before my mother's death, they strongly believed in Dafa, yet now their faith was wavering. I knew that I firmly believed in Teacher and Dafa and with their help, I would never recognize the old forces' arrangements. After I strengthened my righteous thoughts, I went out and shared my experience with fellow practitioners. During our discussion, a practitioner said just one sentence, "Study the Fa more often; you still do not have enough compassion."

These practitioner's words woke me up. After I got home, I immediately started reading Zhuan Falun. After reading Zhuan Falun three more times, I had a new understanding of compassion. It was true that I did not have enough; I was not even compassionate towards my own mother. How could I be compassionate towards others? How would I be able to save people as Teacher told us to? While I was admiring my fellow practitioner's understanding of the Fa, I realized that I never approached anything in my life with true compassion. I just did things for the purpose of doing them. Since my realization, I had only one thought: I should do everything out of compassion. Only if we have compassion, can we treat fellow practitioners' things as our own things. When I talked to fellow practitioners from that moment on, I was no longer self-centered and would listen to others first before offering my own suggestions and understanding.

I also demonstrated compassion in my job and my work became smoother every day. My job often required me to deal with people. My performance at work was affected after my mother passed away. The police came to my work unit to investigate me and although they did not find any excuses to persecute me, it still affected my progress of truth clarification. But once I had compassion, my fear went away and I developed a greater understanding of the interference. Didn't the old forces arrange for the police to investigate and stop me from clarifying the truth? I should not allow them to succeed. With such a thought, I started to clarify the truth as before but with a different mindset: I should try to save as many people as possible and clarify the truth as much as I could. I should not distinguish between those to whom I should or should not talk or those who might be easier to reach. I added one thought when I sent forth righteous thoughts: Teacher, please help me, I want to save all beings in my realm with compassion.

Of course I know that it is not actually practitioners who are saving people but Teacher who is doing this. Teacher only wants to temper us through our saving people. As long as we have compassion and righteous thoughts, we can do anything. I deeply understood that it was actually Teacher who was doing everything. "Cultivation depends on one's own effort, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master." (Zhuan Falun)

Since I had the thought of saving people with compassion, I have witnessed many miracles. Co-worker A, for example, had severe health problems and heard a voice in her dream that told her that I could save her. The next day co-worker B told co-worker A that probably only Falun Dafa could save her. Co-worker B said, "I only know it is great but I don't know how to practice. You will have to find her (meaning me) soon!" So co-worker A immediately recalled her dream and came to me at once. I then gave her a copy of Zhuan Falun right away. After just a week, co-worker A experienced great changes in her body, she became very energetic and all her diseases disappeared. She used to curse very often but now she no longer said any bad words.

Practitioners should cultivate compassion and forbearance. As long as we demonstrate compassion in our truth clarification, we will be able to wake up everyday people and save people. If we could pay greater attention to compassion, we would improve ourselves, and Teacher would then have more people come to us for truth clarification. We should not lose any of those with a predestined relationship simply because we did not have enough compassion.

My fellow practitioners, please correct me if anything is improper.