(Clearwisdom.net) Once a year, on the first weekend in September, the inhabitants of Ritterhude (a small town near Bremen in Northern Germany) and its surrounding towns meet to enjoy music, celebrate, search the flea market for treasures, light lanterns and watch a big fireworks display. Amateur artists and associations are invited to present their work.

This year, the Falun Gong practitioners from Northern Germany also participated for three full days. They demonstrated the gentle Falun Gong exercises to the festival visitors, outlined the three universal principles of "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance" and talked about the vicious persecution in China.

Practitioners also folded lotus flowers and painted people's names in calligraphy letters.

Everything went according to plan and people really paid attention.

Some were only too happy to be given the chance to learn about Falun Gong and told practitioners that there was great interest in establishing an exercise group in Ritterhude. Others became very quiet and contemplated the pictures about the commonly used torture methods in China.

Here are some of the snapshots made during the three days at the Hamme festival:

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