(Clearwisdom.net) At four o'clock in the morning on June 22, 2005, while taking photos in front of the Hongshi Town Government Hotel where brainwashing classes were being held, Dafa disciple Liu Yuhe from Huadian City, Jilin Province was detained by Yu Jinji from National Security Team of Huadian City Public Security Bureau and Fan Zhongshan from Hongshi Town Police Station. Mr. Liu was taken to the Huadian City Public Security Bureau. At around noon, Yu Jinji and four people from Jilin City Public Security Bureau subjected him to torture and extorted a confession from him.

They locked Mr. Liu on a tiger bench. Initially they beat him up. Then they put a helmet on him and shook it forcefully. They call it the "brain shaking machine". They shook it for over four hours. Later they locked his hand behind his back with a small handcuff. Two of them pushed Mr. Liu's elbows forcefully and caused him much pain, as if his arms had been broken. They also tied him up with string and two policemen stood on his side wrapping his mouth with a long towel and exerting all their strength to pull two ends of the towel in opposite directions so that he could not yell. The people from Jilin City Public Security Bureau filled his nose with horseradish several times. The torture caused severe trauma to his brain. He often felt dizzy and seemed distracted. His left thumb and forefinger are still numb.

During Liu Yuhe's torture, one of the policemen told him: "I have beaten several Falun Gong practitioners to death. Don't you have heart disease? I will beat you to death without leaving any scar on you and I will tell your family that you died from a recurrence of heart disease, or you committed suicide because you dreaded punishment for your crime. We won't bear any legal consequence and we simply execute orders from our boss. When dealing with Falun Gong practitioners like you, we can beat you to death and you die for nothing, and your death will be counted as suicide."

After being subjected to torture and forced into making a confession, Liu Yuhe was imprisoned in a detention center, where he went on hunger strike to resist the persecution.

Cruel torture caused the recurrence of Mr. Liu's heart disease and gastric ulcer. Jail doctor Li Gui, officers from Hongshi Town Police Station, and Jiang Hongmei from public security bureau took him to Huadian City Town Hospital for force-feeding and forced-transfusion. He passed out at the door of the Town Hospital. After he woke up, jail doctor Li Gui dragged him to the stairs by pulling the shackle on his foot with both his hands. Doctors in the hospital said they have stretchers, but Li Gui said it was not necessary and he only needed to drag him up to the stairs. An officer from the police station got two people who ride delivery tricycles and had them drag the handcuffed and shackled Mr. Liu to the top of the stairs. His hands and feet felt like they were broken.

Li Gui, Yang Shuhong from the Town Hospital, Jiang Hongmei from the public security bureau and two officers from the police station violently force-fed Liu Yuhe. They tied him to a bed. Jiang stepped on the shackle, handcuffed him behind his back and then stepped on the handcuff too. Yet another policeman grabbed Mr. Liu's hair. Li Gui gave the order and Yang Shuhong inserted the tube. Mr. Liu's mouth and nostril were scratched and bleeding. He was force-fed and transfused, then taken back to the detention center. Four days later, Liu Yuhe suffered a recurrence of heart disease and passed out. He was taken to the Town Hospital for treatment and became a little better, then he was taken back to the detention center. Mr. Liu's family was asked to bring medicine in to maintain his health.

On July 21, in order to send Liu Yuhe to a labor camp, Yu Jinji from the public security bureau and jail doctor Li Gui brought Mr. Liu to City Hospital for a physical examination. The result showed that he suffered from arrhythmia and tachycardia (the diagnosis record is available). But the next day, July 22, Yu Jinji colluded with Jiutai Labor Camp to send Mr. Liu to the Jiutai Labor Camp, even though he was severely ill and had not passed the physical examination.

The Public Security Bureau did not follow any legal procedures for sending Mr. Liu to the labor camp. It was completely illegal.

Yu Jinji and other police also confiscated Liu Yuhe's private property: a digital camera, a cell phone, a motorcycle, driver's license, identity card, one hundred and sixty yuan in cash, security hat, four articles of clothing, waistband, and so on.

Because Liu Yuhe refused to give up his faith, director Li and director Yang in Jiutai Labor Camp beat him cruelly and tied him up on the bed. Now they force him to sit for seven hours every day without allowing him to move a bit. They also impose a variety of physical punishments on him.

Related telephone numbers:

The 610 Office from Huadian City: 86-432-6225505, postal code: 132400
Director Zhou Jian: 86-432-6220610 86-13804448659 (Cell), 86-432-6226288 (Home)Vice Director Yang Baolin: 86-13704348883 (Cell), 86-432-6278191 (Home)
Liu Yongli: 86-13704446960 (Cell)
Li Xiangting: 86-13704446891 (Cell)

National Security Team of Huadian City Public Security Bureau: 86-432-6227191
Yu Jinji: 86-13904443621 (Cell), 86-432-6270763 (Home)
Jin Zhexian: 86-13804448400 (Cell), 86-432-6271772 (Home)
Xu Huanzhang: 86-13704348470 (Cell), 86-432-6225099 (Home)
Jiang Lijun: 86-13844680377 (Cell), 86-432-6250392 (Home)
Chen Guohua: 86-13596291268 (Cell), 86-432-6271059 (Home)

Hongshi Town Police Station: 86-432-6722475
Shen Zheng (President): 86-13704443323 (Cell)
Xuan Xianguang: 86-13704446379 (Cell)
Bo Lihui: 86-13804443750 (Cell)
Fan Zhongshan: 86-13704343760 (Cell)
Monitoring and reporting telephone number for Jiutai Labor Camp: 86-431-2511069
President Liu: 86-431-2511193

August 22, 2005