Facts of the Persecution

1. Policemen from Qingdao City Arrest More Than Ten Falun Dafa Practitioners

On the evening of August 19, 2005, police from Fushan Street Station in Qingdao City illegally arrested more than ten Falun Dafa practitioners including Ms. Zhao Yingying, 58, Ms. Wu Jianping, 26, Mr. Jiang Jixing, in his 60s, and a young man in his 20s. Police ransacked the homes of Ms. Zhao Yingying and Mr. Jiang Jixing. They also confiscated cash from Ms. Zhao Yingying totaling more than ten thousand yuan. The practitioners are currently being detained in the Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao City.


2. Torture Cases in the Shayang Forced Labor Camp

Mr. Ma Xueyun is a 43-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Jinmen City, Hubei Province. He was sent to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp in August 2004. He has resisted the persecution by refusing to do forced labor. Prison Guard He Bingyong (male) ordered inmate Chen Daihua (male) to hang two heavy sandbags around Mr. Ma's neck from morning until afternoon. He Bingyong saw that this torture could not make Mr. Ma Xueyun give in, so he ordered others to shock him for over an hour using 50,000 volt electric batons. This left Mr. Ma Xueyun with two huge black holes on his thigh from where he had been burnt by the electric current.

Mr. Zheng Dejun is around 35 years old and is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Yichang City, Hubei Province. He was sent to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp for the second time in 2004. Due to his refusal to give in to the evil persecution, Ward Leader Lu Wenjun (male) directed prisoners to cruelly beat, torture, and shock him with electric batons. Nothing could move him. Hence, Lu Wenjun ordered him to be locked up with three prisoners, who took turns watching him, not allowing him to see any sunlight, not allowing him to wash, and only allowing him to sleep four hours per day, and not allowing him to read or talk, isolating him completely in a small room.

Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Feng Haihua, 40, was sent to the Shayang Labor Camp in January 2005. Prison Guard Wei Peng (male) instructed prisoners Chen Daihua (male) and Xiao Yong (male) to beat Mr. Feng brutally and to torture him by only allowing him to have two hours of sleep per night while still making him do heavy labor during the day. They conducted brainwashing sessions during the nights. If he resisted, he was shocked with electric batons. He has been tortured like this for three months.