The following are some of the evil deeds that female police officers committed in 2002 and 2003 at the women's labor camp in Huhhot City, Inner Mongolia Province.

In May 2002, Dafa practitioner Zhang Yuhua from Chifeng City was illegally sentenced to one year in a labor camp. For the duration of her detention Ms. Zhang refused to cooperate with the authorities, maintaining her innocence. The guards hung her up with her hands and feet stretched in opposite directions. Then, in order to prevent Ms. Zhang from witnessing their evil deeds, they covered her head with a black cloth, also making it difficult for her to breathe. Eventually the bones on both of Zhang Yuhua's wrists became exposed from the prolonged hanging. In addition, there was no place on her body that was not affected by the electric shocks. She spent every single second in extreme pain. Zhang Yuhua's sentence was illegally extended by 7 months, and she was not released until just before the spring festival in 2003. She was only skin and bones when she was released. The policewomen that directly participated in the persecution of Ms. Zhang are Wang Dongyun (over 30 years old), Wu Jing (over 30 years old), and Wang Xiulan (over 40 years old). Policewoman Wang Dongyun was the one who was the most enthusiastic about persecuting the practitioners.

At the end of 2003, 57-year-old practitioner Duan Yuzhen from Huhhot City refused to write the "three guarantees" and was hung up with her hands and feet outstretched for 5 days and 5 nights. Her hands were completely numb from nerve damage after she was finally let down, and she could no longer take care of herself. Half a year later, her hands gained slight mobility. Under this condition the policewomen forced her to work. She had to sew 160 gloves a day. At that time, Duan Yuzhen's hands could not hold the tool and even could not hold a small spoon well. She had to endure extreme pain to bend each finger.

In November 2003, Zhu Xiaoying, 24-year-old nurse and a practitioner from Huhhot City, practitioner Wang Weihua from Chifeng City, and three other practitioners enlightened that it was not right to write the three guarantees, so they tore up the letters. They were all hung up by the policewomen Wang Dongyun, Wu Jing and Wang Xiulan. Due to the electric shocks, two thirds of their bodies were covered in blood blisters. The police especially shocked the genitals and the brain. It was extremely sinister. Up until April 2004, Zhu Xiaoying did not have any feeling in the nerves of her hands.

The policewomen forced the practitioners to work from 5:30 a.m. until midnight. The practitioners were forced to work for 16.5 hours every day without a break; they were forced to eat their meals in the workshop. The workshop is very filthy and greasy, with dirt, fuzz and dust covering everything. They had to make 3,400 glove pockets and knit 312 gloves a day, which represents a huge workload.

Women labor camp in Huhhot:

Zhang Zhongsu, ex-president, (currently transferred to the labor department)

Guo Xiangzhi, current president

September 15, 2005