Ms. Hong, a teacher at the County Middle School, used to suffer from uterine cancer. One day she learned the Falun Gong exercises from her mother. Within about three weeks, she found that her tumor had disappeared. Her colleagues and friends regard it as a miracle.

In early June 2005, Ms. Hong was worried because her menstrual period had been absent for four months. She went to the hospital and found it was because she had a tumor in her uterus. If she chose to undergo surgery at the County Hospital, the entire uterus would be removed, which would cost her 3000 yuan. When she found out about her illness, this 40-year-old teacher cried day and night, and refused all the nutritious food bought by her husband. Her son asked her why she didn't want to eat the food. She said, "If I eat it, the nutrients will be absorbed by the tumor, and the tumor will grow faster." Her son replied, "According to your logic, patients with tumors should not eat anything?" The teacher felt that her son was right and began to eat.

Her husband was very anxious about her because she was depressed all day long. Later, via the internet, they found information about a drug claiming to control tumor growth. They hoped taking this drug would void the need for surgical removal of the uterus. This drug was being utilized at a hospital in Shenyang City. However, it cost 6,000 yuan to undertake the drug treatment. Despite the cost, they made an inquiry to the hospital, but the administration desk told them that the hospital was under renovation, and would not reopen for another month.

For Ms. Hong, a one-month wait was too long. She was not able to work, and stayed at home to rest. One day, all of a sudden, she thought of her mother who was over 70 years old. Her mother had been practicing "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," the principles of Falun Gong, for more than eight years. Her mother had been very ill and weak before learning the practice. She used to drink wine with every meal, three times a day. When she saw her kids, she would cry in front of them. Her son and daughter wanted to see her but they were simply afraid to. Ever since she began practicing Falun Gong however, she got rid of her drinking habit and fully recovered. Now she is very healthy and well known in the village. Ms. Hong immediately called her mother and asked her to come over to teach her Falun Gong. At the same time, she thought to herself, "I can't tell myself that I'll fully recover, but hopefully the tumor will grow slower this month."

Ms. Hong's mother stayed at her daughter's house for one week, returning home only after her daughter was able to practice the exercises herself. A few days later, her daughter called her and said, "I went to the hospital to get a check-up. They said the tumor has shrunk a great deal." Her mother urged her to continue practicing, and to recite, "Falun Dafa is good" in her mind.

Ten days later, her mother visited her again. Ms. Hong told her, "I have been to hospitals in the countryside and the city, but now the tumor has disappeared. I resumed my work at the school. When my colleagues asked me how I was, I told them that the tumor had disappeared. They all felt it was strange, and wondered how the tumor could disappear within twenty days. How could the tumor shrink and then disappear altogether?

Ms. Hong's husband witnessed this change, and said that it was indeed a miracle. Both of them can now go to work in peace.

September 17, 2005