The Clearwisdom website reported how several Falun Gong practitioners were severely persecuted because they helped rescue Ms. Gao Rongrong (as reported by Clearwisdom, the police tortured Ms. Gao, a female practitioner, to death on June 16, 2005. The police used electric batons for seven hours, burning her face beyond recognition. A picture of Ms. Gao's burned face became famous after it was published on the Internet. After she escaped from police custody, they initiated a manhunt to find her and all those who helped her.) Here is a detailed account of my knowledge of how the Shenyang City National Security Bureau (NSB) persecuted one of those who helped her, practitioner Mr. Sun Shiyou.

On the morning of March 5, 2005, several dozen NSB deputies from the Shenyang City and Tiexi District branch offices, the Shenyang "610" Office, the Shenhe District Zhengyang Police Station, fire fighters, armed police and plainclothes police completely surrounded a building located on Zhengyang street, Shenhe district, in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. They even erected safety nets around the building (to prevent anyone from jumping out of the window).

An NSB deputy in his 30s climbed up a fire engine ladder, smashed a window on the fifth floor with a fireman's ax and broke into the room. He handcuffed Shenyang City Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Sun Shiyou, Ms. Dong Jingzhe and Mr. Ma Lianxiao behind their backs and took them away. All personal belongings and property (computers, printers, bank books and cash) were seized. A tall uniformed policeman videotaped the entire operation. Ma Zhidui, a deputy of the Shenyang City National Security Bureau, came down the stairs dragging Ms. Dong with her hands handcuffed behind her back. Ms. Dong continued shouting "Falun Dafa is good!" but Ma Zhidui tried to block her from being videotaped by putting himself in front of the camera. Shortly, the Brigade Leader of the NSB of the Tiexi district (a tall man, with a long face and dark complexion in his 40s-50s) came down the stairs with Mr. Sun, also handcuffed behind the back. A policeman beat practitioner Mr. Ma to the ground on the spot and he fell unconscious after his head hit the ground. Two policemen carried him downstairs. (Later, a Shenyang City newspaper, the "Chinese Commercial Morning News," reported this incident, but did not mention the arrest of the Falun Gong practitioners. Rather, it construed the story as an arrest of some "fugitives.")

The Brigade Leader of the Tiexi District NSB and other deputies took Mr. Sun into a waiting squad car. They covered his eyes with a towel and took him to the Police Brigade Office on the first floor of the Tiexi District Office. They first handcuffed both his feet and hands to a steel chair. Then subordinates started interrogating him. Ma Zhidui and Liu Bo (the local "610" office administrator) told Mr. Sun, "The 'higher ups' were extremely concerned about the impact of the Gao Rongrong incident, and asserted a lot of pressure on us because of its worldwide repercussions." They demanded that he reveal Ms. Gao's whereabouts, and threatened him with cruel torture if he did not disclose the information. Later, Liu Bo, Yang Hai and five or six other young policemen came into the room and started torturing Mr. Sun. They lifted his handcuffed arms to the top of the back of the chair. They started stepping on his back and kicking his chest, ankles and thighs.

Another policeman found some pins and started torturing him by poking his fingernails with the pins. After piercing through his fingernails, they twisted the pins back and forth to inflict further pain and suffering which was virtually unbearable. Mr. Sun's fingers were all bloody. They also shocked his armpits, neck and lower ear lobe area, as well as his genital area. The policemen even said, "When Ms. Gao was electro-shocked on her face, the disfiguring was readily seen. This time let's shock in areas not so visible." They continued shocking him until they could no longer charge up the battery in the baton. Unable to use the baton, policeman Yang Hai brought 2 high-powered floodlights and put them next to Sun's face for 2 hours. Meanwhile, both Liu Bo and Yang Hai kept on beating and kicking Mr. Sun. Other policemen also came around to beat him as well. The policeman who had broken into the fifth floor window with an ax punched Sun's face left and right. Mr. Sun lost consciousness on the spot, with his face becoming swollen beyond recognition. His pants and shirt were torn, and he lay on the brick floor (the temperature was around 0 degree Celsius during that time of the year). He lost his shoes and his feet were bare. Later, they tortured Mr. Sun again. Ma Zhidui and Liu Bo carried out a psychological attack against him using disinformation tactics to confuse him. Finally, under torture and deception Mr. Sun disclosed Ms. Gao Rongrong's and also Dong Jingya's whereabouts (both were staying at a place that Dong rented). At around 3:00 a.m. on March 6, the police arrested Ms. Gao Rongrong and Dong Jingya.

On the afternoon of March 6, Mr. Sun was transferred to a brainwashing center at the Zhangshi Labor Camp. At that time several male practitioners involved in the rescue effort were detained on the third floor, including Mr. Ma Yuping and Mr. Liu Qingming. Female practitioners were detained on the second floor, including Ms. Zhang Lirong and Ms. Dong Jingzhe. Ms. Dong Jingya was also taken to the brainwashing center on the afternoon of March 6. Meanwhile, all information on Ms. Gao Rongrong was blocked off. We only knew she was arrested and taken first to the NSB Tiexi Brigade and then to a brainwashing center at the Zhangshi Labor Camp, the Masanjia Labor Camp, the Main Hospital of the Prison Administration of Liaoning Province, and the Number 1 Subsidiary Hospital of the China Medical University, etc. Later, Mr. Sun Shiyou was sentenced to 3 years in a forced labor camp.

Sometime after March 8, Mr. Sun Shiyou started a hunger strike to protest the torture. On March 10, they started force-feeding him. Around noon on March 16, Zhangshi Labor Camp Administration department director Shi Fengyou and Guan Yuping escorted Mr. Sun to the Hospital of the Liaoning Provincial Labor Re-education Center at Masanjia Labor Camp (located on the East side of the main entrance of Masanjia Labor Camp) for further detention. Later, they continued to torture and force-feed Mr. Sun. In the latter part of March, Shenxin Labor Camp Administration department director Li (male, in his 40s) and his deputies went to check on Mr. Sun, who was still on a hunger strike in the hospital at Masanjia Labor Camp. On April 5, they extorted 9,000 yuan from Mr. Sun's family Mr. Sun's elder sister handed 3,000 yuan to the Shenxin Labor Camp as a deposit, and gave 6,000 yuan to Masanjia as a hospital fee. Only then was Mr. Sun's family able to take him back in his feeble and frail condition. According to a Clearwisdom report in June 2005, Mr. Sun's whereabouts remain unknown.

Ma Zhidui of the Shenyang City NSB Brigade was one of the main collaborators in the arrest of Ms. Gao Rongrong and her rescuers.

August 7 2005