(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of September 23, 2005, the Social Innovation Department held an academic seminar entitled, "Bad Social Policies' Impact on Children". Falun Gong practitioners in Thailand were invited to attend the seminar.

The invited special topic speakers included professors from Rangsit University, professors from some other universities, a radio host from MCOT, renowned psychiatrists and Falun Gong practitioners.

Professor Paisal from Rangsit University (first from left) condemns the Chinese Communist regime's persecution of Falun Gong

Professor Paisal from Rangsit University, also a Falun Gong practitioner talked about the relationship between nature and the growth of everything on the earth in his speech. He condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for breaching natural laws and controlling people's thoughts through despotic means, saying, "They don't allow people to enjoy the freedom of belief and persecute Falun Gong practitioners in China."

Falun Gong practitioner Huang Guohua from Mainland China related his personal experiences. His wife was tortured to death simply because of her practice of Falun Gong. His four-year-old daughter Kaixin experienced the physical and psychiatric shock from the death of her mother. Mr. Huang exposed the CCP's inhumane human rights violations with his personal experiences. He called upon the international community to help stop the persecution and support Falun Gong practitioners' human rights.