(Clearwisdom.net) My family was previously very unfortunate. My son suffered a mental collapse from failing the college entrance examination. My daughter was unemployed and stayed at home for many years. My husband had heart arrhythmia and was frequently hospitalized, and I had hypertension, gastric disease and many other illnesses. I also had to go to the hospital frequently.

Since I was fortunate to acquire Dafa in 1996, I have changed greatly and am now energetic every day. My complexion is very healthy. My acquaintances all praised the fact that I now look much younger than before, and that I am more energetic. My husband also only needs to take very little medicine after I started practicing Falun Gong. My neighbors all admired the fact that I took very good care of my husband. My son's mind has also become much clearer under the effect of Dafa's energy field. Right now he has nearly recovered and has started to study the Fa and do the exercises with me. My daughter also went to graduate school, and after she graduated this year, she found a job. I often hear my colleagues exclaim, "Your family is really happy."

Master said in "Righteous Thoughts,"

"So, in order to do Fa-rectification more effectively, while you clarify the facts you have to take sending righteous thoughts very seriously, and in a timely manner purge the evil and your own problems so that you won't be taken advantage of by the evil."

I personally experienced what Master told us. In 2004, my niece got married. Because of all the activities related to the wedding, I did not send righteous thoughts for one week. I truly felt that my body was surrounded by black substances. I also started to get a high fever. I realized it was because I had become less strict with myself. I then started sending righteous thoughts intensively every day to eliminate the evil's interference with me and my existing problem. After three days I was back to normal. The environment was also cleaned. I truly realized the power and importance of sending righteous thoughts.

Each time I sent righteous thoughts, I added the thought of eliminating the evil in other dimensions that interfered with my son, to eradicate the rotten demons that controlled him. I also studied the Fa, did the exercises and sent righteous thoughts with him. Gradually he got better. Right now he has nearly recovered.

My whole family's great change fully validated the fact that when one person practices Falun Dafa, the whole family benefits. This has reflected Dafa's boundless power. I am not only very grateful to Master, but I have also rationally improved my enlightenment quality. I will truly ensure that my every thought is based on the Fa, and do the three things better.