(Clearwisdom.net) I obtained the Fa in 1997. Over the past few years in Mainland China, although I have continued to produce truth clarification materials, post and distribute flyers, I had not studied the Fa well due to my attachments. Although Master hinted to me over and over again, I continued to make the same mistakes. Recently, I saw that Dafa disciples around me had begun striving forward diligently and I started to feel regretful. Did I not recall that I made a vow to Master in the past? I waited so many lifetimes to finally be able to obtain the Fa in such a good environment, how could I get stuck within my attachments? Doesn't it mean that my tens of thousands of years of waiting were in vain? When all the other disciples reach Consummation and return home, and I cannot return with Master, what would I do then? Stay in this dirty secular world? No, I should diligently cultivate. If I cannot return with Master this time, it will be too late for regrets.

After seriously studying the Fa for a period of time, I enlightened that since we were supposed to produce truth clarification materials, then we needed to do it well because each piece of material is special and precious. Every piece of truth clarification material gives opportunities for at least one person to learn the truth about Dafa. Behind each piece of truth clarification material is the hard work of Dafa disciples. We need to appreciate every piece of paper used in producing truth clarification materials. Every piece of paper is bought with disciples' hard earned money. Every piece of paper is a living being and each piece of paper carries the same responsibility that we do. People need them to learn the truth.

During the past several months, as I did not study the Fa well, I did not care much about the problems that occurred. I did not take things seriously. If there was a misprint, I would just burn the paper right away. Because I was not skilled in layout and printing techniques, I often misprinted and wasted a lot of paper. In fact, that was exactly the result of interference and my inability to break through it with my righteous thoughts.

After I realized that, I felt deeply regretful. Before, when the two printing machines encountered some difficulties, my sending forth righteous thoughts was not effective enough to mend the problem. Now I understand that it happened because there were problems with my xinxing. Indeed, the two machines are also beings. Sometimes, I forced them to work continuously, day and night, and it was indeed a lot of hard work for them. Unnecessary damage occurred due to the loopholes in my xinxing. These are not minor issues, but a common problem that exists in our material production sites. Everyone, let us acknowledge this problem and correct it.

I now understand why Master has always asked us to study the Fa a lot. Indeed, if we cannot study the Fa well, gaps will emerge in our xinxing and consequently we would not be able to recognize many problems. When problems occur, we would also not able to recover the losses. We must comply with Master's teachings and do well the things that Dafa disciples should do. Especially those who do Dafa work, you cannot be negligent. You need to study the Fa a lot and let the Fa enrich us. Our speech and actions need to be a reflection of Dafa Disciples. Let's all do well in validating the Fa - this magnificent and sacred mission.