(Clearwisdom.net) Persons in the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp in Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province brutally abuse Falun Dafa disciples. The cruel and savage ways of abuse and torture under the persecution include sitting on a tiny bench for a long time, squatting for a long time, "riding a motorcycle" (a type of torture), shocking with high voltage electric batons, and punitive force-feeding, among others.

Eighteen Falun Dafa disciples are presently imprisoned in the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp. One of them, Dafa disciple Zhai Baoji, is on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. We appeal to everyone in China and abroad to extend your helping hand to help stop the persecution.

The following are cases of maltreatment under the persecution by prison guards in the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp.

Dafa disciple Wang Jian, a native of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp for going to Beijing to appeal in September 1999. He suffered all kinds of torture while in prison. He was arrested again after his release while posting truth clarification flyers, and sent to a detention center. Mr. Wang went on a hunger strike and was sent home on the 13th day because he was in critical condition. A few days later the police arrested him and took him to the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp, where Wang Jian went on a hunger strike. The prison guards instructed inmates to feed Wang by force. They force-fed him by prying his mouth open with chopsticks, and in the process injured Wang's throat. The prison guards also shocked him on his neck, the center of the soles of his feet and other sensitive areas, using several electric batons. Wang fainted numerous times and still cannot walk.

Savage torture illustration:

The cruel persecution of Dafa disciple Wang Jian was perpetrated by West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp enforcers. The thugs responsible include deputy warden Jin Yucheng and his followers Qi Yongshun, Teng Shixin, Zhao Gang, He Jun, and Du Lei. The force-feeding was carried out by Doctor Li Mengqiu. (Figure 1-2, re-enactments)

Figure 1

Figure 2

In September 2003, Dafa disciple Lu Dawei was arrested and sent to the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp. Deputy warden Jin Yucheng told prison guards who were waiting at the prison gate, "Prepare the electric batons!" Prison guards carried Lu Dawei to a solitary confinement cell. Led by Jin Yucheng, 4 ~ 5 section or prison division heads shocked Lu with four electric batons for a long time. The people who were involved include 4th Division heads Qi Yongshun and Gao Zhiguo. Jin Yucheng also shocked Lu. The next day, Qi Yonshun, Gao Zhiguo and three other prison guards shocked Lu for an entire day. They poured water over Lu's body and shocked him at the heart region of his chest, and stuck the batons into his mouth. Lu's body was covered with burns and wounds. (Figure 3-4, re-enactments)

Figure 3

Figure 4

Wang Le, 28, was formerly employed by Lingyuan Steel Works, Liaoning Province, and suffered a mental disorder after experiencing the brutal persecution in the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp. He was released on probation for medical treatment on October 2000. He passed away on May 16, 2001.

Du Weifeng, 27, was also a former employee from the Lingyuan Steel Works. He was incarcerated in the Lingyuan 2nd Detention Center for more than a month and then sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp and sent to the West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp. While in the 2nd and 3rd Divisions, Du Weifeng was forced to perform hard labor, to stand for a long time, was abused with electric batons, forced to be "reformed," and suffered enormous physical and mental anguish. Du Weifeng was mentally and physically devastated repeatedly and eventually suffered from psychosis.

Du Weifeng before the persecution

Du Weifeng three days after being admitted to a mental hospital, after suffering persecution and becoming psychotic

West Dayinzi Forced Labor Camp:
Administrative office: 86-421-6658409 (Phone), 86-421-6658411 (Fax)
Yu Wanchi, Warden: 86-421-6658401 (Office), 86-13304918600 (Cell)
Wang Xilong, Deputy Political head: 86-421-6658402 (Office), 86-421-5813369 (Home), 86-13364915168 (Cell)
Jin Yucheng, Deputy Warden, 86-421-6658403 (Office), 86-13304911919 (Cell)
Du Baolong: 86-421-6658404 (Office), 86-421-2650373 (Home), 86-13304918606 (Cell)
Cheng Hetian: 86-13704919292 (Cell)
Cao Xuangyi: 86-421-6658428 (Office), 86-421-2911118 (Home), 86-13190258828 (Cell)
Li Mengqiu, force-feeding doctor, Medical Section: 86-421-6658468 (Office), 86-421-2622658 (Home)

The 4th Division (Falun Gong practitioners are in this division):
Qi Yongshun, Division Chief: 86-421-6658438 (Office), 86-421-2721900 (Home), 86-13504214970 (Cell)
Liu Xiangyang: 86-13052633352 (Cell)
Fang Jinsen: 86-421-2806406 (Office), 86-13942100227 (Cell)
Gao Zhiguo: 86-421-6658440 (Office), 86-1319026108 (Cell)
Xu Wenzhi: 86-421-3300927 (Home), 86-13052615515 (Cell)
Wang Wuhua: 86-421-6658440 (Office), 86-13842151801 (Cell)
Mao Haijun: 86-421-2828150 (Home), 86-13591861760 (Cell)

Zhao Lianyi, 1st Division head: 86-421-6658518 (Office), 86-421-2811321 (Home), 86-13050939686 (Cell)
Yu Zhentao, 2nd Division head: 86-421-6658498 (Office), 86-421-2805341 (Home), 86-13842170501 (Cell)
Liu Yuqi, 3rd Division head: 86-421-6658488 (Office), 86-13942199919 (Cell)
Cao Yan, 5th Division head: 86-421-6658526 (Office), 86-13842117901 (Cell), 86-13342111122 (Cell)