(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners Mr. Xie Hanzhu, Ms. Guo Yafen and three other practitioners endured all kinds of inhumane torture after their illegal arrest on February 3, 2005. They were arrested by officers from the Meizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau in Meijiang City. Police Xue Qingwen, Huang Songfeng, Chen Zhidong, Tian Xuelong, Li Jianlu and others carried out cruel torture to extract evidence from practitioner Mr. Xie on the third floor of the bureau, particularly from February 23 to February 28. The other practitioners' cases await investigation.

Mr. Xie, about 40 years old, was originally a government official. He suffered from stomach pain, hemorrhoids, malignant dysplasia of his chronic rhinitis, and so on, but after practicing Falun Gong, his health quickly returned. However, all these things have changed because of the severe persecution forced upon him. Now, he is riddled with severe injuries both internally and externally. He is extremely feeble, and he can pass away at any moment. The cruel tortures Mr. Xie has endured that have been documented are as follows:

Police handcuffed Mr. Xie's hands behind his back and onto the metal water pipe on the wall and did not allow him to sleep or close his eyes for five days and four nights in a row. Police Xue Qingwen used handcuffs to cuff Mr. Xie's palms together, and at the same time made fun of and tormented him. Police Li Jianlu, Chen Zhidong and several other people pushed Mr. Xie to squat down and forced his back against the back of a hard wooden chair. Sometimes, they pulled hard on the cuffs, after handcuffing both his hands behind his back and against the chair. They used a wooden stick to beat his palms and fingers, which became black and numb for a long time. Sometimes, after they looped the rope around his body and neck, covered his eyes and sealed his mouth with gummed paper, police inserted two lit cigarettes into his nostrils until he fainted. Then they splashed cold water on him to wake him up. The police then placed a heavy item on his head so that both of his legs became numb. Then, they lifted both his feet to tread on Master Li's picture. Police also placed an alarm close to his ears and turned up the volume to torture him until 2 a.m. Later, they cuffed him to the metal pipe and did not allow him to sleep. At dawn, the day shift police took turns interrogating him. Chen Zhidong, Li Jianlu and other police cuffed Mr. Xie's hands behind the back, one over the shoulder and the other wrapped around from behind, and then used rope to hang him up, calling it "hanging up an airplane." Policemen Tian Xuelong, Huang Songfeng, Li Jianlu and others cuffed Mr. Xie's hands behind his back to the water pipe and used up six big barrels of dirty water in two successive nights to pour on him and forced him to drink the urine and the dirty water in the barrels. A perpetrator weighing 70-80 kilograms jumped on his back, causing serious injuries to his back and made him unable to squat for a long time. He still suffers from severe back pain at present. Policeman Chen Zhidong ganged up with the other police and used a hammer to pound on his back through a stack of books, causing internal injuries and pain whenever he took a breath. Xue Qingwen, Tian Xuelong and other stomped on Mr. Xie's toes (he was wearing only slippers) with the heels of their leather shoes to force him to sign his name to papers admitting guilt.

On February 28, after Mr. Xie was sent back to the Qinhuang Prison, he described to the police officer (surname Wang or Huang) from the procurator's office the brutal torture and injuries he received, but the police officer turned a blind eye with the excuse that he did not see it. Later on, because of the serious injuries Mr. Xie suffered, his health deteriorated rapidly.

The police who handled the case from Meijiang District Public Security Bureau reported to their superiors, and the District Procurator's office hurriedly gave the authorization for a mass arrest on March 8. The Meijiang District Court illegally brought Mr. Xie and other Dafa practitioners to trial on June 10. The trial was aborted in an atmosphere of righteousness amidst a chorus of "Falun Dafa is good."

The perpetrators were unwilling to give up, Chen Xuejun, the principal organizer, and others illegally and secretly held court once more on July 5. It was said that in the "initial trial," Mr. Xie and another Dafa practitioner from the Northwest were illegally given a severe sentence of 12 years, and at present they are imprisoned in the notorious Qinhuang Prison.

Mr. Xie once used the fact that Meijiang District Court violated due process and deprived him of his right to have legal representation as reasons to send out his complaint and power of attorney through the procuratorate stationed at the lockup. He authorized his family members to file complaints on his behalf and investigate the conduct of the district procuratorate and the court, both having violated the law in the name of enforcing the law. His family members accordingly submitted a written statement to the departments concerned, but the two levels of disciplinary inspection at the city and the district, the National People's Congress, the municipal procuratorate, the court and the departments concerned have yet to deal with it fairly. Some departments passed the buck by only forwarding the family member's letter to the Meizhou Municipal 610 Office and Political Committee.

It was reported that this case was transferred to the Meizhou Municipality People's Intermediate Court. The police authorities are afraid of exposure, so they have not allowed his family members to visit him.

August 19, 2005