(Clearwisdom.net) My husband had remained strongly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) these past few years, even though I had consistently clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to him. His understanding sometimes seemed good, but not always. I became resigned to the idea that since I had tried my best, using all possible means, he simply could not be saved.

After viewing the VCD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I was hesitant to let him watch it because I was afraid that he would be opposed to it and say something slandering Master and Falun Dafa. After some time, however, I finally decided to show it to him. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts while the VCD played. Unexpectedly, before he had even finished watching it, his attitude significantly changed. By the end of the VCD, he couldn't help saying, "Right. All right, this is the truth." Since he is in his fifties, he has experienced everything that the CCP has done since the Cultural Revolution. He has also heard from his parents about the way things were prior to the Cultural Revolution.

After watching the Nine Commentaries, he said, "From now on, we should never say that this or that individual does not have a conscience, nor should we blame them for what they have done, because it is the Chinese Communist Party that has confused them. It is the CCP that does not allow people to have morality or conscience, thus causing them to become this way. Mao launched the Cultural Revolution and that caused people to fight with one another. I fight you, you fight me. Husband and wife, father and son have all become enemies due to the influence of the CCP. Today I clearly and completely understand the situation, and I agree to resign from my membership in the CCP."

Hearing this made me sincerely happy for him. Through this experience, I also realize that we should never give up trying to save a single sentient being in this world. Regardless of whether they have ever accepted the truth-clarification materials in the past, we should still extend them the opportunity to know about the Nine Commentaries because of its incredible power to assist in saving sentient beings. The Nine Commentaries is like a sharp, divine sword with the ability to break the solid shell that the spirit of the CCP has formed around people, and to publicly expose the genuine face of that malevolent spirit. People will then oppose that force and in the end be saved.