(Clearwisdom.net) I have been practicing Falun Dafa since July 3, 2005. I have already had quite a few unusual experiences. The most extraordinary one was as I was meditating I had a vision of Master LI Hongzhi sitting in the lotus position. I asked him how he could be in so many places and with so many people at the same time. Although he didn't reply verbally, I suddenly saw Master surrounded with many glittering images of his being. Then I realized what Master was trying to show me. As they came closer to me, I saw that each of those particles contained his image, and I understood that he could be everywhere at the same time.

My husband, who has also been practicing Falun Dafa since July 2005, had a wonderful experience in the dream state. In his dream, he was surrounded by white transparent beings showing him the way and directing him. He was certain that it was coming from the Master.