(Clearwisdom.net) Lately, I often hear fellow practitioners discussing two situations. One is how to send forth righteous thoughts together to help practitioners who are interfered with by severe sickness karma. Another is analyzing what attachments the practitioner experiencing the interference has. These remind me of a well-known veteran Falun Dafa practitioner I used to know.

There was this veteran Falun Dafa practitioner who was a coordinator of a particular district. She was well-known in China, and practically everyone had heard of her. She was not only steadfast in her cultivation but also excellent in spreading Falun Dafa. She also organized practitioners to cultivate together. This had very strong and positive effects on the whole body. She was a well respected practitioner. According to some practitioners, on April 25, 1999, when she said that practitioners should go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa, many practitioners went without any hesitation. If she had said that there was no need to go, everyone would stay home. Although this may be just a description of her, it shows that her words had a strong influence on other practitioners. About a year after the persecution of Falun Dafa started, she suddenly developed severe sickness karma. As the news spread to the local practitioners and many other practitioners who looked up to her, her condition became the center of attention. Many practitioners were worried about her safety and perplexed about what to do next. Consequently, many practitioners also got into arguments due to different opinions. Everyone was moved by sentimentality. She passed away not long after, and many other practitioners who respected her, looked up to her, and followed her were quite shocked, depressed and confused.

After her death, everyone finally realized that the severe sickness karma was not only a severe test for her, but also a test for those practitioners around her. Did they follow the Fa, or her?

When the test appeared, everyone was moved by sentimentality and channeled all their energy into helping her. In fact, every practitioner should clarify the truth, expose the evil, and at the same time cultivate themselves. Many practitioners considered her personal welfare even more important than our heavenly missions. Seeing this, the gods immediately increased her tribulation and arranged for her to leave this world earlier to test if others would still be firm and continue to cultivate despite her absence.

Fortunately, many practitioners enlightened to this issue and let go of their attachments. They also realized that she had consummated to a very high level as well. This veteran practitioner, nevertheless, left this world before the Fa rectifies the human world, and it was indeed a great loss.

Of course, I am not saying that practitioners should not help each other, or care about other practitioners. When other practitioners encounter any severe tribulation, we should definitely help them. The crucial thing is how to help them and at the same time handle ourselves properly, and that is what righteous thoughts and righteous actions really are. In many instances, when severe sickness karma appeared, it was not meant to test that particular practitioner but the practitioners surrounding the practitioner with the tribulation. It was to test whether others would persevere and continue to cultivate.

Upon repeated introspections, I noticed two things. First, we are walking on the path of godhood and whatever we do, we should not pursue quantity over quality. What is important is whether our thoughts and actions are based on the Fa. Second, no matter what happens, we should never stray away from the mission bestowed on us - that is to clarify the truth, and save the sentient beings. This is the heavenly mission of the Fa-rectification practitioners.

The practitioners being tested must have some attachments which they did not let go of. Their tribulations become severe, and it becomes difficult for them to pass the tribulation by themselves. If other practitioners were not attached to the practitioner under attack or the sickness karma itself, and continued to focus on the things that Master requires us to do, then the tribulation might not be so severe. In the eyes of God, to continually use one practitioner to test the others would be meaningless, if everyone can follow the Fa, is firm in their cultivations, and understands what is important.

In fact, the situations of other practitioners suffering from these severe sicknesses are all different, especially now when the evil specter of the Communist Party is being cleansed. There is so much interference that is caused by this evil specter to distract practitioners and extend its living days in this world. The crucial thing is that whenever a problem occurs, we as practitioners should not simplify the problem or perceive it with a fixed model. When practitioners leave this world due to sickness karma, we should not discuss whether they cultivated well or not, because this is not what a practitioner should do. Instead, we should use this opportunity to learn a lesson from or find out what attachments that we still have. Currently, there are many different cases of practitioners leaving this world because of the sickness karma. Some cases are similar to what I have just mentioned, and some are influenced by many other factors. Conflicts do arise, and symptoms of sickness karma do appear in practitioners. If we are allowed to see or to hear those occurrences, we should know that it is not coincidental but is directly related to our cultivation and attachments.

I will only write this much. The important thing about this article is to discuss the factors related to cultivation when facing severe sickness karma. In regards to the old forces, evils, and the communist specter, they will not be discussed in the content of this article. It does not matter who is behind the test or interference. As practitioners, we still need to have a correct understanding so that we can cultivate better.