(Clearwisdom.net) The police from Fuyu County, Jilin Province and those from the Fuyu Detention Center torture Dafa practitioners using various methods. Between March 8 and 10, 2002, officers from the Fuyu County Police Station broke into practitioners' residences without giving any notice and arrested more than 100 practitioners in order to torture them in the detention center. Among the practitioners were seniors and babies who were still being breast-fed.

The detention center was full at that time, and the prison cells were packed to the walls. The newly arrested female practitioners were imprisoned together. They practiced the exercises together to protest the persecution. The detention center chief of police Liu then brought seven or eight officers to rush inside the female cell. They mercilessly beat these female practitioners with police clubs until all of them fell to the ground. The police then imprisoned the senior practitioners separately from the younger ones. They also put shackles on the practitioners. The practitioners refused to cooperate. Several male police officers then restrained one female practitioner. They pulled off several female practitioners' pants. Then they dragged these naked female practitioners from one end of the hallway to the other while the male prisoners watched.

The police put the heaviest shackles on a petite female practitioner. She had to use one hand to lift the shackles in order to slowly move from place to place. The police interrogated practitioners only in the evenings. Each time they did so, they beat the practitioners with clubs. The sound could be heard throughout the hallway. Sometimes the chief of police from the Fuyu County Police Station, Liu Zhaobin, personally ordered the police to torture the practitioners. He unceasingly shouted, "Hit them! Hit them!" Soon after that, many practitioners were sentenced to forced labor camps or transferred to other places to be tortured.

An account of Mr. Yang Weihua's suffering from the brutal torture at the hands of the lawless personnel from Fuyu County:

On March 1, 2000, Mr. Yang Weihua was arrested and detained because he went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. Fifteen days later, he was imprisoned in the Fuyu County Detention Center, during which time the police tortured him. The police from the Fuyu County Criminal Team and a prison guard from the detention center, Wang Cunfan, either beat or berated practitioners. Their methods were violent and cruel. After 38 days, he was sentenced to one year of hard labor.

On March 3, 2001 Mr. Yang was released from the labor camp. Because he refused to stop practicing Falun Gong, about half a month later, the Fuyu County police forcibly arrested him at his residence. They took him to a brainwashing center for further persecution. The police tried to force all practitioners to sign the pre-drafted "guarantee statements". Mr. Yang and some other practitioners refused to sign their names. Then, some of them were imprisoned in the police stations, some in detention centers, and some in a center for reeducation through labor. Some practitioners were laid off from work, and some practitioners' personal land was confiscated. They also forcibly seized practitioners' personal property as fines.

Mr. Yang was detained for 15 days. On October 21, 2001, he and two other practitioners were arrested again. The railroad police claimed that the practitioners were detained because they did not carry their ID-cards with them. The police found Mr. Yang's address on his driver's license, which also told the police that he was a practitioner. The police then contacted the head of the 610 Office of Fuyu County, Xu Shuxian. A few hours later, Xu Shuxian came to the Railroad Police Station with a group of policemen who brutally attacked Mr. Yang. They kicked his face with their leather shoes. As a result, Mr. Yang's nose bled profusely. He was cut and bruised so severely that he could not get up. The police did not stop until they were exhausted. Afterwards they confiscated Mr. Yang's cell phone and cash.

Following that, they took Mr. Yang to the Fuyu County Police Station. There they asked him to sign the detention card. Mr. Yang asked them what reasons they had to imprison him at that time? They replied that they did so because he was a Falun Gong practitioner. Mr. Yang was then taken to the detention center to be tortured again.

In the detention center, Mr. Yang firmly refused to cooperate with the guard's orders. He started a hunger strike to protest the detention. As a result they locked him up in a small cell. The police then had the inmates in the small cell beat him. Yet, Mr. Yang continued his hunger strike to protest. On the fifth day they force-fed him. Five or six policemen tied his head, feet and hands to a death bed. They then inserted a tube through his nose into his stomach. By then, Mr. Yang felt so sick that he kept vomiting. They poured salt water into the tube in his nostril, but it just flowed out again. The police tortured Mr. Yang for a long period of time. His whole body ached from it. The burning sensation inside his stomach was especially hard to bear. After that he was terrified whenever he thought about force-feeding.

The police incited inmate Liu Li to beat Mr. Yang. The beating was so severe that he broke one of Mr. Yang's ribs, making Mr. Yang unable to breathe. In the evening the pain was too severe for him to fall asleep. Besides, when he was on the hunger strike, he continuously had diarrhea. His weight dropped by more than 50 Jin (one Jin equals 1.102 pounds). Mr. Yang lived in daily misery. In the days to follow the police used even crueler methods to torture him.

On March 1, 2002, team head Gu and six others from Team 2 (or Team 4) from the Fuyu County Criminal Team interrogated him. They handcuffed Mr. Yang immediately. They kept beating him while asking him if he would continue to believe in Falun Gong. Mr. Yang replied affirmatively. They said that the issue of Mr. Yang must be solved that day. They demanded that Mr. Yang admit that he was guilty. Otherwise, they would not stop torturing him. They tied Mr. Yang up to a Tiger Bench and put his feet inside iron clips. They cuffed his hands behind the rear frame of the Tiger Bench. The police then stepped on the handcuffs and used a rope to restrain Mr. Yang's throat. The Tiger Bench's iron sheet penetrated into his fingernail. Moreover, the police continuously hit his face until he lost consciousness.

Seeing that Mr. Yang was dying, the police loosened his hands a little, and then fastened them again. They did this repeatedly, causing Mr. Yang to receive an insufficient oxygen supply to his brain. Thus he became confused. The police still did not give up. They then ruthlessly used bullets to rake across Mr. Yang's ribs. Mr. Yang was hurting so much that he sent out miserable cries. Fearing that others would hear them, the police gagged his mouth with dirty rags. The pain made Mr. Yang hit his head against a metal frame. Gradually, Mr. Yang lost the feeling of pain and sensed a heat flow going through his whole body. Mr. Yang realized that it was Teacher who had withstood all the pain for him. This made him believe even more in Teacher and Dafa. The police asked him if he still believed in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. He replied, "Yes." The police asked if he still supported Falun Gong. Mr. Yang said, "Yes." The police asked if Mr. Yang still supported a practitioner from a certain city. Mr. Yang said that he supported practitioners everywhere!

The police hauled Mr. Yang back to his cell. Ten days later the police tortured Mr. Yang again in an attempt to extract some evidence from him. They hung him up on a metal fence. While he was hanging, they put 38-Jin shackles on his feet. Mr. Yang swung back and forth. Very quickly, the handcuffs penetrated to the bones, which were exposed. It was extremely painful. Mr. Yang was unable to fall asleep at night from the pain.