In the winter of 2004, at a hotel in Weixian City, Hebei Province, I attended a very special wedding ceremony. Many guests had been invited to the wedding ceremony that started at around noon.

When the ceremony proceeded to the point where the parents of the wedding couple were supposed to go onto the stage to give a speech, a couple in their fifties happily walked up onto the stage. The lady said, "Thank you, friends and relatives for attending my son and daughter-in-law's wedding. Today I am especially delighted and also extremely touched. This is because I finally managed to survive to this day, to witness my son's wedding." Many people opened their eyes in surprise.

The mother continued, "I am someone who had been expected to die by the doctors at the hospital. In the past, I suffered from many illnesses and had to be hospitalized on many occasions. We spent a lot of money but I did not get any better. In 1998 I was seriously ill and was hospitalized again. This time the doctor gave me a letter informing me that I was critically ill and that my days were numbered. I was told that my request to stay at the hospital was declined and that I should go home and prepare for my funeral. I felt pity for my teenage son, as his mother would be gone soon.... I was in utter despair."

The whole hall was quiet. The mother went on, "Later, a friend introduced Falun Gong to me. From then on, Falun Gong changed my fate. Within a few months of cultivation, I was revived. It was Falun Gong that gave me a second chance. If not for Falun Gong, I would not be alive today, not to mention being able to attend my son's wedding here."

The mother said, "On July 20, 1999, Jiang's regime started to suppress and persecute Falun Gong on a country-wide scale. My family members were illegally detained, fined and tortured with torture devices on numerous occasions. One time, the County Detention Centre police asked me if it was wrong for the government to persecute Falun Gong. I replied that it was definitely wrong. As a person, one must talk about conscience. I am a person who had been given a death sentence by the hospital. It was Falun Gong that gave me a new lease on life and ensured happiness in my family. Falun Gong also taught each member of my family how to be good people. Would you say this is this right or wrong? As people, we cannot go against our own consciences."

The wedding guests were all touched. Some people nodded their heads in agreement, some people were thinking deeply.

"At this time I am able to attend my son's wedding, and I think there is a predestined relationship among us (to meet here). Among you who are seated here, if you have already started practicing Falun Gong, please cultivate diligently and do not let Master and his merciful salvation down. For those who are not already Falun Gong practitioners, please quickly read the book Zhuan Falun and try to understand the true story of Falun Gong. This is indeed a rare chance for all of us."

After the mother finished her speech, she walked down from the stage and shook hands with the guests. She reminded them one by one, "You must remember my words. You must remember to cultivate diligently. Friends and relatives, you must remember that Falun Gong is good! I only have this wish to give as a gift to all of you. I believe that this is more valuable than any other gift in the world."

That day there was another wedding taking place in the same hotel. There were a lot of guests; including hotel employees there were over 400 people. They all stopped their meals and work. The whole hall was quiet and everyone listened attentively to this Falun Dafa practitioner tell her story.

During the meal everyone was talking about the topic of Falun Gong. After the meal, while sending off the guests, this mother again reminded her guests to remember that Falun Gong is good. The guests expressed their thanks and respect to her.