Facts of the Persecution

1. The Daiwa County Police Arrested Dafa Practitioner Jiang Xiulan

In April 2002, the Xinli Police station (Daiwa County, Panjin City, Liaoning Province) superintendent Liu Huanzhnag began arresting all known Dafa practitioners in his territory. Practitioner Ms. Jiang Xiulan was forced to leave her home and wander from place to place to avoid being captured and persecuted. On the morning of July 13, 2005, Liu Huanzhang found her on the street and arrested her. Liu Huanzhang also ordered the police to ransack Ms. Jiang's house. They took away the few Dafa books that they found there. During the police raid, her thirteen-year-old daughter was home alone. The police slapped the child's face twice. They returned in the afternoon to arrest Ms. Jiang's husband, Mr. Liu Yuqi. Now both Ms. Jiang and her husband are detained in the Daiwa County detention center. Neither Ms. Jiang's husband nor her daughter are practitioners.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2005/7/17/106358.html

2. Shuang City, Heilongjiang Province Dafa Practitioners' Persecution Records

Ms. Zhao Shuqin, female, fifty-six years old, was incarcerated in the Wanjia Forced Labor Camp in Harbin Province on May 8, 2003. She has not yet been released. The Zhanqian Police Station in Harbin arrested Mr. Hong Wu, fifty-eight yeas old, and sent him to the Harbin Changlinzi Forced Labor camp for further persecution. He has not yet been released to return home, either. Village official Chi Jinyou and policeman Zhang Zhaokui arrested Mr. Zhang Fengtien, fifty years old, in the middle of the night on February 27, 2004. He is now being detained in the Fifth Unit of the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp. Mr. Wang Shiwei, forty-seven years old, was sent to the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp on March 15, 2004, and is still in the Fifth Unit as well.

Also in the Fifth Unit, on April 1, 2005, Dafa Practitioner Mr. Cui Guang was forced to sit on a Tiger Bench for seven days. They stuffed socks into his mouth and then taped it shut with adhesive tape. Blisters appeared on his arms, legs and ears. The authorities continued to torture him until he collapsed mentally. On May 24, 2005, when the City People's Congress came to the Fifth Unit to conduct an investigation, the unit hid Mr. Cui in the boiler room. Both the unit and detention center staff didn't want to take responsibility for Mr. Cui's mental condition. They later released him so that he could get outside medical treatment.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2005/7/17/106359.html