(Clearwisdom.net) After studying Master's article, "To the European Fa Conference in Stockholm," I have more understanding regarding the words, "Divine Beings are among men."

How should we understand, "Divine beings are among men"? I enlightened to the fact that Dafa disciples who have cultivated are divine beings. However, there's a precondition. It's that you must hold yourself to a divine being's standards. That is how you can become a life that has stepped toward becoming a divine being in the human world.

Therefore, we should set higher requirements for ourselves. For example, every word, every action and every thought should reflect the Fa. When communicating among Dafa disciples, we should not forget to let go of our own thoughts that are not related to the Fa or that non-practitioners take delight in talking about. Furthermore, we must thoroughly dissolve those attachments to these things in our thoughts. We should also keep our perspective on the Fa when talking to ordinary people, so that positive effects can be achieved in saving them. In conversation, we should see the big picture and pay attention to wisely guiding the direction of the conversation. We should not be controlled by non-practitioners' thoughts. In this way we can reach the goal of saving them.

In other aspects we must also achieve righteous thoughts and righteous actions of the status of divine beings in order to assist teacher in rectifying the Fa.

The above is just my humble sharing. Fellow practitioners, please let us improve, harmonize and diligently move forward together.