(Clearwisdom.net) Remembering the epic battles between good and evil that raged for three days and three nights in early 2002, I am deeply moved by the mighty power of righteous thoughts and the magnificence of the Fa.

The Approach of the Chinese New Year in January 2002 (1)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was escalating its persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. My husband was a member of the Chinese Liberation Army. The army had illegally placed my husband and me under house arrest. They posted sentries at the entrance of our community and forbade us from leaving. We had to ask others to go grocery shopping for us. If we needed to purchase large items, the army sent guards with us. Facing this unlawful treatment, my husband and I decided that we had done nothing wrong in following Falun Gong's cultivation principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, or in trying to become better people. We therefore decided that we couldn't just give the CCP free rein to persecute us. We decided to flee from our home and find a place where we could produce materials to aid us in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

One night, my husband and I sent forth righteous thoughts as we walked out of our community right in front of the security guards. They were shocked when they found us missing from our home; after all, both the front and rear entrances of the community were under guard at all times. How could we have possibly escaped?

After we left, the local 610 Office, the Public Security Bureau, the police station, and our employers began to panic, afraid that we would go to Beijing and get arrested appealing for Falun Gong in Tiananmen Square. If that were to happen, they would be punished for not being able to control the Falun Gong practitioners under their jurisdiction. They illegally broke into our home and stole photos of us in order to put bounties on our heads. They sent many policemen to hunt for us, and stationed soldiers in front of our home around the clock, hoping to catch us if we returned. They had military cadres who could recognize us travel to Beijing and our hometown, hoping to intercept us before we got to Tiananmen Square. Meanwhile, they had many soldiers stationed at the local airport and train station. They also established a special work force, led by a high-level military official. The leaders and thugs from the local Public Security Bureau, the Security Squadron, and our respective work organizations' security divisions began a frantic hunt for my husband and me. They repeatedly went to my parents' home and tried to force them to reveal our whereabouts using threats and intimidation. They tapped my family members' phones and eavesdropped on their conversations. They had our family members followed. They tried everything they could think of to find us.

One day, while I was doing some shopping at a store near my temporary residence, a middle-aged man entered the store. When I saw his face, I was immediately startled because I recognized him as the police lieutenant who had once persecuted me, but I quickly calmed down and started sending forth righteous thoughts. After he made his purchase, he left the store, fixing me with his suspicious gaze. It was getting dark. I saw a car parked in front of the entrance of a small community with its headlights on. It looked like they were checking everyone who entered and exited the community.

Later, we learned that in order to catch my husband and me, they had been using a high tech approach to identify and locate our cell phones. For more than three weeks, they had been using two hotel suites as a command center, from which they dispatched more than 100 police officers and soldiers in automobiles to set up traps near our temporary residence. They had been trying to track us, but their attempts to catch us had repeatedly failed. We also heard that they were planning to use the army's satellite Global Positioning System (GPS) to track us. They had planned to add 300 more soldiers to their force, and intended to search each and every house in the area.

After I returned home from the grocery store, I told my husband what I'd seen. We decided that we would stay home for a while after we finished distributing truth-clarification materials that night. At sunset, while we were sending forth righteous thoughts, I felt as though the air around me had turned solid and was pressing down on me like so many invisible dark minions. After sending forth righteous thoughts for more than 30 minutes, it was time for us to deliver the truth-clarification materials to a fellow practitioner, as we had promised. My husband packed the materials in his bag and took off.

The police found my husband nearby, but he cleverly transferred the materials elsewhere before the police illegally arrested him. They didn't find any truth-clarification materials, but they brought him back to the police station and found the key to the apartment where we were staying. They learned our apartment number from the security guard in our community.

January 29, 2002

After 8 p.m. that night, I heard several police cars approaching my apartment building from different directions. I knew what must have happened, so I immediately started sending forth righteous thoughts. I heard many footsteps coming, and then the door opened.

More than a dozen people crowded into the apartment right away. One of them was a leader from the local 610 Office. He sneered and said, "Remember me?" Then he issued orders with his radio, "Send a few guys up here."

I looked directly at him and replied, "I seem to recall..." I remembered that the first time I was illegally arrested, it was this man who had ordered a dozen of policemen to take turns interrogating me around the clock. They failed to obtain any information about my fellow practitioners from me, but this man insisted on detaining me illegally for 15 days before he finally released me. On the 15th day I thought, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Only Teacher can determine my path. They have no power over me or my cultivation path." Under Teacher's protection, I was released the next day and returned to work.

Now this man said with a gloomy look, "If I'd thrown you into a forced labor camp in the first place, I could have saved us all a lot of trouble." I told him solemnly, "I have only two things to say to you. Those who understand and support Falun Gong will be blessed. Those who persecute Falun Gong practitioners will face catastrophe beyond imagination and enter the gate of no-life." He looked at me for a moment and walked away without replying. Everyone in the room heard what I said.

The policemen in the apartment were all doing different things. Some were examining the things in the room. Some were walking around the apartment. One policeman was reading aloud the contents of some truth-clarification material. Several policemen were moving my things out of the apartment. I took the opportunity to tell the policemen stories illustrating the heavenly law that gods will ultimately reward good people and punish the bad. I told them about how Falun Gong was introduced to the public in China, and about Falun Gong's miraculous power to transform its students' physical health and morality. I explained to them the concept of religious freedom and the reason why we Falun Gong practitioners are willing to give up our comfortable lives to safeguard our beliefs. These policemen seemed to understand and accept what I told them because they asked me sincerely, "Are we irredeemable, or is there still hope for us?" I answered, "That depends on you."

I packed Zhuan Falun, Teacher's new articles, some cash and my personal belongings into a small bag. A few policemen asked to see Teacher's photograph and books, so I showed them. They looked at Teacher's photograph and books respectfully.

Then a policeman in plainclothes marched over and said fiercely, "Let me see your books!" I sensed his ill intent, so I asked him, "Who are you?" "I am a policeman," he replied. I said, "You are up to no good. I refuse to show them to you." He shouted, "How dare you refuse my demand? If you refuse to show them to me, I will burn them all!" I glowered at him and spoke solemnly, "Don't even think about it! You will have to set me on fire before you touch any of these books!" He was speechless. His colleagues burst into laughter and made fun of him. He left with an embarrassed look on his face.

The policemen robbed us of our computer, printer and just about everything else in the apartment. Before they left, an elderly officer noticed a pair of my slippers on the floor. He asked, "Can I take your slippers?" I replied, "You may have them if you want." So he took them for his own. This scene reminded me of a dream I'd had a few months earlier. In the dream, Jiang Zemin had my slippers in his hands and was laughing out loud. Then the police had arrested me and thrown me into a forced labor camp. In the dream I tried to use my wits to escape, but all my attempts failed. In the end I sent forth righteous thoughts and used the supernormal abilities that Teacher had bestowed upon me to freeze the policemen, and then I walked out of the camp effortlessly. After I woke from the dream, I decided that the persecution against me must have been occurring in another dimension, so I started sending forth righteous thoughts. Today the persecution was recurring in the human realm.

They had a policewoman took me to the 610 Office. She had interrogated me while I was illegally detained the first time. We recognized each other and smiled. She said, "You've lost a lot of weight. You looked very innocent back in 2000. Now you look like you have matured a lot."

On the way to the 610 Office, I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to a young policeman. I added, "Remember that Falun Gong is good." He acknowledged my advice by nodding.

From 11:00 p.m. on January 29 Until the Next Morning

Once at the 610 Office of the city's Public Security Bureau, two policemen began interrogating me throughout the night. They asked my name and age, but I told them right off the bat, "You've already done a thorough investigation on me. You don't need me to answer any of these questions, and I won't. I won't sign anything, either."

Next they started changing strategies. They tried to tempt me, they threatened me, and they pretended to be nice to me. One policeman said, "You need only tell us about your husband and you will be released on bail until your trial." Another policeman said, "I have interrogated you before, and we all know that you are a kindhearted woman. You have won our respect." In my heart I have never forgotten my responsibility as a Falun Gong practitioner in the Fa-rectification period. I thought, "I must never give any information about any of my fellow practitioners, otherwise, you'll commit more crimes against the Fa and never be able to repay your sins. All the righteous elements in the universe are watching you." While I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, I told them stories illustrating the heavenly law, that gods are omnipresent and will ultimately reward and punish people accordingly. I told them, "Do you remember that well-known Chinese story about a young maid named Dou E, who suffered severe injustice because of a corrupt magistrate, and how following her wrongful death it began to snow in the middle of June? After my husband and I were forced to flee from our home, it rained in the middle of winter, despite the fact that was winter in northeastern China. Like snow in the summer from Dou E's tale, heaven is enraged because of your persecution against us." After I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to them, I added, "One of your colleagues named Ma had a Falun Gong practitioner suspended in the air by means of a rope attached to his hands and repeatedly beat him until he was severely injured. I searched through the laws of China. It is against the law to interrogate people using violence. Being a policeman, he should have been fully aware of the law. It is undeniable that he has purposely violated the law." They looked at each other and said sheepishly, "You know the law?" Then they threw their pens on the desk and were speechless.

Next they illegally searched my bag and found more than 10,000 yuan in it. They asked, "This must be the money you use to run Falun Gong activities." I told them solemnly, "My husband and I have earned this money from doing our jobs. If you dare to steal even a penny from me, I will file a lawsuit against you!" Later they returned all the money.

I put my right hand in front of my chest and started sending forth righteous thoughts. Afterwards I told them I needed some sleep. Two policewomen took me to another office with a futon in it. They produced a pair of handcuffs and were about to handcuff me to the futon before I lay down for the night. I knew I shouldn't have to wear handcuffs intended for criminals, so I told them peacefully, "I can't stand wearing them." One of them looked at me, indecisive about handcuffing me. I looked at her and said, "I won't try anything stupid." She left without handcuffing me to the futon.

While I was lying there, impure thoughts began to pour into my head. How had they found us? Are my husband and the other practitioners going to be okay? Yet almost immediately I told myself that I shouldn't have any of these thoughts. I remembered that Teacher had taught us that all of our thoughts were tangible objects in other dimensions. I should deny all of the old forces' arrangements with my powerful righteous thoughts, and I should send forth righteous thoughts for them. Teacher said, "The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts." (From "Drive Out Interference," Essentials for Further Advancement II.) As I was studying Teacher's new articles, I was increasingly calm and my righteous thoughts were increasingly powerful.

In the middle of the night, a policewoman came and interrupted my Fa study. I ignored her and continued to study the Fa. After a while, she came again and this time she tried to confiscate Teacher's new articles. I told her that they were my life. She compromised and put them away on the top bookshelf. I lay on the futon and slept for a short while. Each time I woke up, I would send forth righteous thoughts for a while. At sunrise I sent forth righteous thoughts as usual and then started practicing the Falun Gong exercises. After I finished, I opened my eyes and realized that the two policewomen had been quietly watching me practice Falun Gong. Apparently they were enveloped in Falun Gong's peaceful and harmonious energy field. When the policewoman that put away my Falun Gong books during the night saw that I was finished, she hurried to return the books to me and told the other policewoman, "These are her life."

The Morning of January 30, 2002

In the morning all the policemen from the 610 Office entered the office building of the Public Security Bureau. As soon as they saw me, they exclaimed, "You are so-and-so." I'd never met any of them, but they all recognized me. One can easily imagine the extent of the efforts the entire 610 Office has made and how many policemen they've allocated to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

Since all the policemen were in the office, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to send forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to eradicate all the evil elements that had been manipulating them to commit crimes against Falun Gong practitioners. I thought this was also a way to save these policemen. I put my right hand in front of my chest and started sending forth righteous thoughts. I truly felt that I was as tall as heaven and incomparably noble. I felt I was supremely powerful next to the lowly and filthy demons that were the least worthy to interfere with Teacher's Fa-rectification.

Some policemen were sitting idly and others were aimlessly walking around, as though they were waiting for something to happen. They repeatedly moved me from one office to another, so I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to the policemen in each office while sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demons behind them. I also told them true stories illustrating the heavenly law that gods will ultimately reward and punish people according to their deeds. While I was talking to the policemen in one office, a policeman I clarified the truth to from the previous office entered and saw me talking to his colleagues. He told them, "She said that kindness will be ultimately rewarded and wickedness will be ultimately punished. You mustn't commit bad deeds."

When it was almost noon, a policewoman asked for my parents' home phone number and called the number to ask my father to take me home. I thought, "I mustn't get too happy about anything I hear. I must be vigilant and maintain righteous thoughts at all times." I asked her to give my father her direct phone number so he could call her if he got lost. She called my father again and gave him the number. My actual intention was to obtain the number so that I could call later. Because my father got the number, we managed to get the 5,000 yuan bail that the 610 Office had illegally taken refunded to us several days later.

While I was waiting for my father to pick me up, I started studying Teacher's new articles. The moment the gloomy-looking leader of the 610 Office and his subordinates passed by the office and saw me studying the Fa, he said, "I would like to see your book." I looked at him with a confident smile and said, "Okay, but you must return it to me right away." He took a good look at it and complimented the high quality of my binding work. As he handed me the book, he asked, "Are all Falun Gong practitioners capable of reciting all of Falun Gong's books?" I replied, "Some Falun Gong practitioners have memorized the contents of all the Falun Gong books, but I haven't memorized them all."

Next he summoned the Communist Party Secretary and the leaders of my work organization. In no time the party secretary and three division leaders of my work organization arrived at the office. After they had a meeting with the 610 Office members, they came and saw me, but they just smiled at me wearily because they knew that nothing they could say would possibly change my mind. They helped me put my things in the taxi.

The policewoman that saw me off at the door told me, "We have returned all of your Falun Gong books. You are the first Falun Gong practitioner that got her Falun Gong books back from the 610 Office. Before today, the 610 Office only had experience in confiscating Falun Gong books, and has never returned any." All of her colleagues heard what she said.

At noon I returned to my parents' home.

The Morning of January 31, 2002

Four men from the Public Security Bureau came to my parents' home unannounced on the morning of January 31, 2002. My parents knew one of the men. He was the Division Director of the Public Security Bureau. In 2000 the Public Security Bureau had persecuted me for the first time. This man and the Director of the Public Security Bureau once illegally ransacked my home. The other three were the Chairman of the Safety Bureau's Political Committee, the Chairman of the 610 Office's Administrative Office and a driver. As soon as they entered, the Division Director produced an arrest warrant. He read it out loud and told me to sign my name on it. I firmly told them, "I won't sign it! I didn't violate any law! I'm not going anywhere!"

I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and asked my mother to recite the formula for righteous thoughts to help me. My father said, "My daughter is wanted in two places. Just yesterday the 610 Office took her away and wouldn't release her until I paid 5,000 yuan for bail. Today you guys from the Public Security Bureau want to take her away again. What am I going to do if the 610 Office comes and asks for my daughter? If you insist on taking her away, you must make the 610 Office give me a refund first!" My father immediately dialed the number of the 610 Office and asked the Division Director of the Public Security Bureau to speak to the 610 Office. In order to arrest me, he had no choice but to take the call and tell the 610 Office that the Public Security Bureau had jurisdiction over my case. Then my father demanded a refund from the 610 Office. In order to arrest me, the Division Director had no choice but to ask the 610 Office to refund the bail to us. Three days later the 610 Office refunded my father the illegal bail money they had forced him to pay and returned some of my belongings.

Next they tried to persuade my family to give them some money and pack my bags so they could take me away. My father said, "I refuse to pack her bags. You are supposed to be a law-enforcement agency. I won't risk being prosecuted for obstructing justice, but I don't think anyone can make her change her mind about Falun Gong. If you insist on imprisoning her, she will either die there or lose her mind after a few months. If that should happen, don't even think about returning her to us."

The Division Director replied, "We're taking her to a nice place. They just want to reform her mind." My father said, "A nice place? How can any place be as good as home? How can anyone commit a crime with his or her mind? Whatever goes on in her head is her own business."

They were speechless. My father again asked, "What is wrong with Falun Gong? Have you even read Zhuan Falun? Do you know the contents of Zhuan Falun? If you haven't read the book, you're in no position to criticize it!" They looked at each other and didn't know what to say.

It was beyond my wildest dreams that my father would defend Falun Gong for me. Only the day before he'd vented his anger and frustration on me because the 610 Office, the Safety Bureau, the Public Security Bureau and my work organization had repeatedly come and harassed him. He even said that there was enough traffic to crush the doorstep. I knew in my heart that it was Falun Gong's field of righteous thoughts that had caused my father's virtuous side to come forward.

My mother also questioned them. "You broke one of her bones in 2000. Aren't you supposed to be legally responsible for it?" Surprisingly, the Chairman of the Safety Bureau's Political Committee answered, "Yes, we should have to face the consequences of our actions." The Division Director saw that the balance of the battle was beginning to tip in our favor, so he walked briskly towards me, preparing to drag me away. I spoke aloud my true thoughts, "Freeze! How can you call yourself a policeman for the people?! It was you that persecuted me in 2000! I haven't even filed a lawsuit against you!"

The Division Director stood dumbfounded, finally he muttered, "You may sue me as you wish." Then he retired to the living room and sat on the sofa. Suddenly I remembered Teacher's words about the "Great Soul-Catching Method" in Zhuan Falun, so I used my mind-intent to take out his Primordial Spirit and make him unable to move. He sat on the sofa for two hours without moving an inch.

I said boldly, "Which one of you is the Chairman of the 610 Office? Which one is the Chairman of the Safety Bureau's Political Committee? I want to meet you and remember your faces. Back in 2000, you caused a fracture in my legs before you locked me in a shack made of sheet metal for 40 days. You only know about kidnapping Falun Gong practitioners. Do you have the slightest idea how the forced labor camps have been torturing Falun Gong practitioners? The policemen in the forced labor camp broke the nose of a Falun Gong practitioner named Ms. Sun, beating her savagely and repeatedly shocked her with electric batons until she was covered with wounds and had trouble walking! I have to seek justice for her! Is this your way of protecting the people?!"

They listened to me quietly. The Fa bestowed boundless wisdom upon me to say what I needed to say to these people. As I continued to talk, my righteous thoughts became increasingly powerful and I became increasingly calm. In the end, I told them, "Get out! Leave our home at once!" The four of them obeyed my order and left the room, and stood in the corridor.

While I continued to send forth righteous thoughts, I seemed to see Teacher sitting on a lotus flower in the air and smiling at me.

After a while, they finished talking to their superiors on the phone and entered my father's home again. They tried to take me away again. I looked them in the eyes, but they all looked away immediately to avoid eye contact. I told them, "If you refuse to leave, then you must ask your boss that issued the arrest warrant to come. I will speak to him directly."

They went to the corridor again to call their boss and tried to figure out what to do next. After a while, they entered and told me, "He won't come." I told them, "Keep calling him!"

About an hour later, the Director of the Safety Bureau came. As soon as he entered the door, he began to complain. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demons from other dimensions that were manipulating him as I told him, "Coercion cannot change people's hearts. What's the use of imprisoning decent and kind people who follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance? Because you've illegally imprisoned Falun Gong practitioners, their families have been torn apart and they are unable to provide for and look after their parents. How can you illegally imprison us and then accuse us of 'cold-bloodedly abandoning' our families? We Falun Gong practitioners care for and respect our parents. Just because we practice Falun Gong, aspire to become better people, and refuse to tell lies about Falun Gong or renounce it, you repeatedly harass our parents and other family members and won't give them a moment's peace! Where is the law, I ask you?! Because you've repeatedly subjected me to your persecution, my father has threatened to sever all ties with me and break my legs in order to protect me from you. Let me tell you once and for all, even if you break both of my legs with a club, I shall never give up practicing Falun Gong!"

The Director of the Safety Bureau listened quietly. Finally he said, "You may practice Falun Gong to your heart's content." The others also said, "You may practice Falun Gong as you wish."

I continued to clarify the truth to them. Finally I said to the Director of the Safety Bureau, "I have truly seen your good side. Perhaps we have a predestined relationship; I will take the time to clarify the truth to you." He said, "I will chat with you more as opportunities arise." To which I replied, "Then I will reform your mind." He gave me a smile.

After the five-hour conflict, the men left, taking the arrest warrant with them. They never came back.

After three days and three nights of this decisive battle with the evil, I have an even deeper respect for the mighty power of righteous thoughts and the mighty virtue of the Fa.


The next day a friend of mine found my parents' address and called on me. She had stopped practicing Falun Gong two years earlier. With help from Teacher, she returned to her path of cultivation and the journey of Fa-rectification. Practitioners in her area soon heard the news of her transformation. Those who had given up cultivation were motivated to resume their cultivation practice and became very diligent.

The prosecutor filed an illegal lawsuit against me and the intermediary-level people's court accepted the case. My family checked the status of the case and heard the court was about to hand down a judgment. I never allowed myself to imagine what they might do to me. I just keep sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evils' persecution against Falun Gong and focus on doing the three things well that Teacher asked us to do.

Three months passed. Six months passed. A year passed. I am still living with my parents. My father was worried for me, so he went to the prosecutor's office to check on the status of my case. It turned out that they had dropped the case and returned it to the Safety Bureau. My father called the Safety Bureau, but they told him that they didn't want to be a part of my affairs any longer and asked my father not to call them again.

Indeed I am Teacher's disciple, and only Teacher is entitled to be involved in my affairs. No one else has the right to affect us.

Thank you. I thank our compassionate and magnificent Teacher.


(1) The Chinese New Year of 2002, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, fell on February 12, 2002.