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Not Willing to Resume his Post to Participate in Investigating Falun Gong, Mr. Zhong Guichun, Former Security Chief, Refuses to Collect Proof to Support the Persecution.

Reporter: What do you think about ten thousand people appealing on April 25?

Mr. Zhong: I myself participated in the April 25th appeal which was meant to express our [Falun Dafa practitioners'] views to the Appeals Office. After this, officials from the Beijing Public Security Bureau came to my workplace and asked me to return to the Public Security Bureau and resume my previous post. I was asked to investigate and monitor Falun Gong. I promptly refused. I believed that they asked me to go back to Public Security Bureau because I knew about Falun Gong from the inside and had participated in Falun Gong activities. They explicitly stated that I would continue my work at the Bureau to spy and investigate Falun Gong. I told them straight away I would not do such things.

They were pretty unhappy with my response. From my experience working at the Political Security Bureau for many years, I was aware at that time that they would investigate Falun Gong full-tilt and were probably preparing for the complete suppression of Falun Gong. Someone of a very high rank in the central government directed them, so they were very motivated. After the April 25th incident, the Bureau's political security system deployed a spy network and launched investigations of Falun Gong throughout the country. Luo Gan masterminded the effort.

After July 20, Isolation and Brainwashing: Unspeakable Mental Suffering

Reporter: What have you experienced since July of 1999?

Mr. Zhong: After the illegal suppression of Falun Gong on July 20, the Bureau visited my workplace and accused me of persisting in practicing Falun Gong, of defending Falun Gong and of maintaining overseas contacts. For this, I was isolated, removed from my post, stripped of my Communist Party membership, and left unemployed. Since 1999, I have had no freedom and have been under surveillance for extended periods. They blocked all of my communications. I could not receive phone calls. My workplace arranged four to five people to monitor me every day while at work. At home, I was closely watched by people from the local police station, the residential committee, and the elevator operators.

In 2001 I was taken to Tuanhe Brainwashing Class in Daxing County, Beijing City. At the Education and Training Center of Beijing Labor Camp, I was forced to watch videos made by the government. The method that they adopted there was that they maintained the appearance of treating detainees well and did not tell anyone about the cruel torture methods used on Falun Gong practitioners at the labor camp. The police did not speak. Those who had been brainwashed did the actual work. We didn't even realize that this was converting and brainwashing. Four or five people would chat with us. They discussed their personal experiences, the university where they graduated, where they were working, and when they obtained the Fa. They told us how well the police had treated them and cared for them after their arrest and detention. They filled our minds with all the crooked stuff that they had accepted as a result of brainwashing.

Only after I was released did I realize that this was a brainwashing class. The detainees were all brainwashed themselves; they were government workers and employees of government industries. These people guessed that violence and torture would not work to transform people like me, so they adopted softer and more deceitful means to do so. Some of us were deceived because we did not study the Fa in depth. When I was released, I learned that they had held many brainwashing sessions. Among those in the classes were those who worked for the central government's Beijing union committee and in many big industries. There were thirty to forty people in every session, and each session lasted for two weeks. The brainwashing class was conducted in this manner, because at the time, it had a high conversion rate. The crookedly enlightened things that were fed to us by those crookedly enlightened people were capable of deceiving us. Whoever did not study the Fa in depth was not clear-headed enough and signed a guarantee statement while in a muddled state of mind. Only after the practitioners returned home did they realize that they had been deceived.

These experiences were very painful for me and painful to recall. I really do not want to discuss what happened to me after I returned home. Although I was not put into jail and tortured with cruel methods, I was monitored for years in the name of "caring." This kind of pain is much tougher than being arrested and tortured by cruel means. This approach is very despicable and evil. It was indeed completely roguish. During this time they often threatened me. They exploited sentimentality toward my family, children and friends to achieve their purpose of converting me. When I understood what they were doing, the pain in my mind was enormous and unspeakable.

In New Zealand Seeking Freedom of Belief, Publicly Disclosing the Persecution While Subjected To More Threats

Reporter: How did you go abroad?

Mr. Zhong: At that time, I wanted to go abroad because an environment to freely practice one's beliefs did not exist in China. But my workplace would not give me a travel permit nor would they stamp my passport application. During the application process for going abroad, the Security Bureau threatened and lured me many times, saying that they would let me go abroad as long as I provided information on Falun Gong's developing situation. Then in their final assessment, the Bureau said that they did not trust me and claimed that as long as I practiced Falun Gong, there would be no possibility for me to go abroad and I should not contact them any longer.

Regardless, with the help of friends and many twists and turns, I did travel to New Zealand. Through the Internet, I learned more truth about the persecution of Dafa and the Fa-rectification situation overseas, which shocked me and was something that I could not get to know in China. I submitted an application for political refugee status to the New Zealand government. It was handled smoothly. The New Zealand Immigration Department handled it as an emergency case and, within half a year, I was granted permanent resident status and settled down.

I was still monitored by the Chinese Communist Party after I moved abroad. They called me and told me that I may not be safe and that my family was in danger. Especially after I disclosed the truth of the persecution on the Internet, they directly called my cell phone, telling me that they had read the news about me, and that my talking in public like this was disadvantageous to China's security and therefore my safety was not assured. They coldly asked me about my child who was in India, why my wife was not home, and why my previous phone was cancelled. I worked for many years in the Public Security Bureau and immediately understood what they implied. They were threatening me and my family.

Disclosing the Persecution Leads to Genuine Safety--Persecution Leads to the Chinese Communist Party's Destruction

Reporter: Are you worried about your family's safety because you are publicly disclosing the persecution?

Mr. Zhong: I was worried about their safety. But I know the Chinese Communist Party's sham core. We are outside China and we should be brave and step out to disclose their essence. The more thoroughly we disclose the CCP's tactics; the safer my family is in China. The more scared of them you are, the more they persecute you. For so many years, many people were afraid and submissive and so we were taken advantage of and controlled even more. If we do not step out, we are helping them and things will get worse. They will be even rampant in doing evil. So, whether we are in China or overseas, we should all step out to disclose the evil.

Reporter: Do you think that the system of over one thousand spies told by Chen Yonglin exists?

Mr. Zhong: I don't know much about the spy system overseas. Based on my experience working for the Political Security Bureau, I think what Chen Yonglin disclosed is believable. What Chen knows about the spy information overseas is just a part; he does not necessarily know it all. He only knows about what's in the embassy system. There is still the Public Security Bureau on the national, provincial and city levels which all send spies abroad. The number that Chen mentioned is only what he knows. There is still what he does not know. I would suspect this number is far less than the actual number.

Reporter: How do you assess the propaganda about the Tiananmen self-immolation incident?

Mr. Zhong: After the suppression began, Jiang Zemin claimed he would eliminate Falun Gong in three months. This announcement later became more and more unpopular. Many officials and ordinary people thought that the suppression was wrong and should not occur. The suppression could not be sustained any longer. Police in the Public Security Bureau all understood that Falun Gong did not do anything wrong and the suppression was wrong. So Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan ordered the self-immolation in order to incite hatred from people who do not know the truth about Falun Gong and to give an excuse to suppress Falun Gong. And this fabricated incident indeed gave them the excuse for escalating the suppression, and has enabled the suppression to last for six years until today. Boundless crimes were committed.

Reporter: Jiang claimed he would eliminate Falun Gong in three months, yet Falun Gong has not been eliminated after six years. What do you think will be the final result?

Mr. Zhong: I think the Chinese Communist Party was destined to lose when it stated that the Communist Party would defeat Falun Gong. Its collapse is inevitable considering the current situation. No persecution of righteous faith in history has ever succeeded. The suppression of Falun Gong was destined to lose from the beginning. They will not be able to escape trial when the world's people learn the truth and demand justice.