(Clearwisdom.net) On July 5, 2005, Falun Gong practitioners Xie Hanzhu, Guo Yafen from Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, Liu Liping from Chaoshan, and two other practitioners from other areas who had been forced to leave their homes and arrested, were secretly and illegally tried at the Meijiang District Court without notification of their family members. Xie Hanzhu, Guo Yafen and Liu Liping have been arrested and illegally detained many times before and suffered all kinds of torture, and they are now jailed at the Qinhuang Detention Center in Meizhou City and being subjected to further torture and forced labor.

On June 10, 2005, practitioners Xie Hanzhu, Guo Yafen, Liu Liping, and the two other practitioners said loudly in the court, "Falun Dafa is Good!" which caused the illegal trial arranged by the Meizhou 610 Office and the Meijiang District Court to end abruptly. However, Judge Chen blatantly shouted afterwards, "So what! I can still sentence you."

The above-mentioned practitioners were again forcibly taken to Meijiang District Court for an illegal secret trial. This time, fearing that their evil conduct would be exposed, the participants were extremely sly and tried to block the news. Even the family members of the practitioners knew nothing about it. Thus, it is quite possible that the practitioners could have been sentenced at will. At present, those practitioners are undergoing vicious force-feeding by the police because they went on hunger strike to resist the persecution. Their lives are in imminent danger.

Facing all of the persecution, including multiple arrests, detentions and torture, Xie Hanzhu, Guo Yafen and Liu Liping have always been steadfast in their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance."

Earlier in 2001, Xie Hanzhu had been force-fed by the police from the Fuda Detention Center in Mei County with a sharp-tip bamboo tube pushed through his throat. While incarcerated at the Qinhuang Detention Center in Meizhou City this time, he might be subjected to this form of torture again. According to inside information, the police have applied a "tiger cuff" to torture him. With books laid on top of his chest, the police hit him with a heavy hammer or their fists. As a result, Mr. Xie has suffered severe damage internally with no trace on the outside.

With Mr. Xie's arrest, his family is in a difficult situation. In 2001, Mr. Xie left the detention center with righteous thoughts. Because of his honesty and good management, his methane business flourished. Laughter returned to the family, which was absent for several years. Mr. Xie also voluntarily took the responsibility of raising his nephew, and he sent the child to study in the city. Now, the business has to be maintained by his 70 plus year-old father with great difficulty. His parents have spent days finding help for him and have become extremely thin and pallid. However, the authorities have tried all means to make trouble for his family visits and have blocked all related news. This has hurt Mr. Xie's relatives both physically and emotionally.

The Qinhuang Detention Center in Meizhou City has always been active in persecuting Dafa disciples. For a long time, they have overloaded and slave-driven detained Falun Gong practitioners with extended labor hours. Even the over 70-year-old practitioners are subjected to this treatment. The practitioners are locked in dark cells all day long and forced to make a plastic device, which is part of a kind of loudspeaker, by putting aluminum pieces into tiny holes. They are not allowed to make any mistakes and cannot go to sleep before finishing tens of thousands of quota. Any mistakes incur punches and kicks. At 5:00 a.m., before dawn, practitioners are forced to get up and do stepping exercise, shout slogans, and then start the slave labor non-stop. Usually they barely finish their quota by 10:00 p.m. As a result, their fingers often bleed, their eyes are red from fatigue, and they cannot walk straight.

One time a practitioner named Huang Yutian refused the forced labor and went on strike. A guard named Hou cuffed him to an iron gate and ordered a prisoner named Yang (a death sentence prisoner with delayed execution) to beat Mr. Huang. Practitioners' meals were worse than those for pigs and dogs. The meal was a sort of hard-to-chew vegetable stalk with no salt and no oil. The police also cuffed the practitioners, who continued doing the Falun Gong exercises. Using this method, they try to weaken the righteous thoughts and will of practitioners by exhausting them, leaving no time for anything else. The police also created an illusion: "It's indeed hard in the detention center. But once transferred to a forced labor camp or prison, the situation will greatly improve." This false impression has made some practitioners give up resisting persecution and subconsciously even wish to go to the forced labor camp sooner. Those practitioners whose wills have been weakened slack off after arriving at the forced labor camp, passively accept "transformation," and even "enlighten" along an evil path.

Related responsible persons:
Gu Xiaoping: head of "Anti-cult Leadership Group" in Meizhou City, 86-753-2242578 (Home), 86-753-2248915 (Office), 86-13902781300 (Cell)
Tian Jiacai: secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, vice head of "Anti-cult Leadership Group" in Meizhou City, 86-753-2283388 (Home), 86-753-2268628 (Office), 86-13902781388 (Cell)
Wang Weiwen: director of Meizhou City Police Department, 86-753-2169201 (Home), 86-753-2169201 (Office), 86-13560968000 (Cell)
Xie Dixing: deputy secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, director of Meizhou City 610 Office, 86-753-2253899 (Home), 86-753-2250823 (Office), 86-13902780869 (Cell)
He Gengwen: deputy director of Meizhou City 610 Office, 86-753-2158539 (Home), 86-753-2277289 (Office), 86-13502332678 (Cell)
Guo Zhengying: deputy director of Meizhou City 610 Office, 86-753-2268221 (Home), 86-753-2277281 (Office), 86-13823809868 (Cell)
Xue Qingwen: police from Security Section of Meijiang District Police Department, 86-13823844881 (Cell)
Liu Guodao: officer from the Security Section of Meijiang District Police Department
Huang Ruizhang: officer from the Security Section of Meijiang District Police Department