(Clearwisdom.net) As soon as we hear people saying we are playing politics, we hurriedly explain the facts to them. But sometimes we become agitated by what people say when our words do not convince them, and they resist no matter how logical and reasoned are our arguments. When we are not patient and are moved by sentimentality, we are on the same level as everyday people. Master said:

"How can one's qi dominate that of another person?" (Zhuan Falun)

In addition, there are evil factors controlling ordinary people that make it even harder for us to clarify the truth. If we are too concerned that people may believe that we are playing politics, these words from Master are helpful:

"As a practitioner, if you always think that it is an illness, you are actually asking for it. If you ask for an illness, it will come inside your body." (Zhuan Falun)

The evil forces will take advantage of this mentality if we worry and have fear about this attachment.

The more we are worried about people saying that we are playing politics, the more others might mention it. When encountering trouble, we must remember to look within ourselves to find problems with our own xinxing. We should pay more attention to improving our xinxing and pay less attention to exterior changes. When being misunderstood by people who say or think that we are playing politics, we must remain calm and send forth righteous thoughts to remove the CCP's (Chinese Communist Party's) influence, and rid the evil factors that are controlling their minds. We must not argue, and should wait until the other party has finished talking before speaking. While discussing the issue, we can express our thoughts targeting the main problems in their arguments, and then let them analyze it themselves. Make sure to send forth righteous thoughts during the entire discussion. Based on the other party's situation, it is much better to clarify one issue rather than talk about ten issues, with none of them being accepted.

One should not seek immediate results when clarifying the truth, nor should we be moved by temporary and superficial reactions. Armed with facts, I was once refuting some rumors spread by the CCP's official media to a friend. I talked a lot and was very thirsty. I stopped talking and tried to determine if my message got through. The other party not only did not agree with me, he even said that if this were the Mao era, people like me would have been executed. I was very disappointed. The discussion was useless and my time was wasted. I felt very bad and thought, "This person cannot be saved and will eventually be eliminated!" In fact, I was moved by sentimentality, and the power of Dafa could not be demonstrated. I should have sent forth righteous thoughts at the same time to eliminate the evil controlling him with the hope that he could hear and eventually understand the truth. Perhaps the time was not yet right for him to obtain the Fa, and though his mind was not very clear right then, it could become clear after a few days of thinking. I should not have judged him based on his one-time behavior.

We should have Fa in our hearts and eliminate bad thoughts and opinions when clarifying the truth. There should be only one thought in our minds, and that is "I really want to do this good for you." With a pure and compassionate heart, the ordinary words will be very effective. When we assimilate with the Fa, we will be very effective when clarifying the truth. On the other hand, when our minds are not pure, an arrogance may be sensed. If we try to force the other party to recognize and accept our opinions, or if we try to win the argument, then the other party may not listen to us due to the impure elements in our conversation, no matter how kind and gentle our tone seems. The fewer attachments and impure thoughts we have, the more compassionate we will be, enabling us to truly reach the other person. The purer the thoughts, and the cleaner and simpler the words, the more power they carry. They can reach peoples' hearts instantly and can really save people.

It is not difficult to understand the reasoning based on the Fa. However, when a tribulation occurs, the human side sometimes takes the lead, and our behavior can become unsatisfactory and regrettable. No matter what one does, one will exhibit his xinxing one way or the other. As long as we are still in human society, we will have attachments to eliminate. We should treat ourselves as practitioners and have righteous minds when encountering certain issues.