1. "Five Horses Separate the Dead Body"

For this torture method, the Falun Gong practitioners' hands are separated and tied to two opposite bunk beds. Once the hands are tied, the beds are pulled apart. This is extremely painful, as all the major organs are subjected to great pressure, causing unimaginable suffering. The victims of such torture have a feeling of being torn apart (usually practitioners who are being tortured in such a way will shake uncontrollably while letting out heart-wrenching screams). The Falun Dafa practitioner's skin and flesh around the back will be ripped open, and the bloody sight is horrendous to see. Policeman Yao Fuchang, together with other hoodlums, wickedly asked a practitioner being subjected to such torture, "Let's see if you still say Falun Dafa is good?" while simultaneously beating and shocking the practitioner with extremely high-voltage electric batons.

Figure 1. Torture demonstration: "Five Horses Separate the Dead Body"

2. Hanging

In this torture, the police will hang up the practitioner, often with a rope attached to a chain link located between the metal handcuffs. While the practitioner is hanging, the officer may use a high-voltage electric baton to repeatedly shock the practitioner's scalp, lips, neck, genitals and other sensitive parts of the body. Both of the practitioner's arms will be extremely painful from the hanging. The parts that are burnt by the current of the electric batons either become numb or in extreme pain, having the same sensation as a third-degree burn. The high voltage also causes the victim's heart to palpitate. If the practitioner refuses to renounce his practice of Falun Dafa, they will pour water onto the practitioner so as to intensify the electric current and then continue to shock him or her. Such treatments can last for seven to eight hours. The Falun Dafa practitioner's arms will turn black and purple from being tied, and the handcuffs will usually cut into the wrists, which is also extremely painful (see Figure 2).

Figure 2. Torture demonstration: Hanging

3. Hanging Up with the Arms Behind the Back

For this torture method, the police handcuff both the practitioner's hands behind their backs, then they tie a piece of rope onto the chain separating the two handcuffs, and hang the practitioner to the heating pipe (which is about 3 meters above the ground). The practitioner's arms are thus pulled straight up from behind the back. This forces the shoulder blades together, severely damaging all the muscles around the shoulders and upper back, as the shoulders are literally pushed into the body due to the entire weight of the body being concentrated onto the shoulders and wrists. This method of torture is so painful that both the arms and shoulders feel like they are being ripped apart. Not only are the shoulder and arms subjected to intense pain, but the handcuffs cut into the flesh around the wrists, causing them to feel like they are slowly being cut off as well. A fiery pain runs from the fingers to the shoulders and soon the arms will turn black and purple. The degree of pain from this torture is unimaginable. The practitioner's arms will be numb for seven to eight months afterwards and the shoulders will not function normally for over two years. While enduring the physical pain of this torture, the police also barrage the practitioner with insults. They use vulgar language while laughing loudly upon seeing the practitioners suffer from such cruel torture (see Figure 3).

Figure 3. Torture demonstration: Hanging Up with the Arms Behind the Back

Figure 4. The scar on this Falun Dafa practitioner's leg was caused by the persecution at Wanjia Forced Labor Camp.