The Miami International Women's Show was held at the Miami Convention Center from June 24 to 25. About 150 groups participated in this event. The show included fashion, jewelry, costume, beauty and food as well as health and fitness. Local practitioners entered a booth for Falun Dafa, promoting Dafa as a holistic health practice.

Many people watched the practitioners' exercises demonstrations and talked with practitioners about Falun Gong's health and spiritual benefits with great interest. They also learned about the ongoing brutal persecution against innocent practitioners in China.

Learning the exercises
Listening to the truth of the persecution

It seemed that many people are aware that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been continuously violating citizens' human rights and freedoms. Moreover, some even knew about Falun Gong. Now and then, we heard someone say, "Falun Gong? I know. I have seen your anti-torture exhibition in New York City... I have seen your anti-torture exhibition at Miami Beach..."

Miami TV Channel 41 interviewed practitioners at the event. During the three-day show, many people visited the practitioners' booth to take truth-clarifying materials and ask about local practice site information and learning Falun Gong.

From this event we can see that practitioners' persistent truth-clarifying efforts are changing the world.