(Clearwisdom.net) Much of the routine work in our daily life consumes a lot of time but little effort. It is easy for people to let the mind wander when doing such routines. Examples include driving, waiting for a bus, waiting for an appointment, walking, knitting etc; some work at a truth clarification materials production center are routine, also. Then how should we make good use of these time periods?

Many practitioners share my same suggestion: we could recite the Fa in our minds during such times. We could memorize Lunyu, Hong Yin, articles in Essentials for Further Advancement, or paragraphs in Master's new articles. When routine tasks take longer, such as driving, I recite Zhuan Falun in my mind. When the routine is shorter and I need to pay attention here or there, such as waiting in line at a supermarket, I recite one or two poems from Hong Yin. Similarly, when printing flyers at a materials production center and we need to sort, take care of paper jams or page ordering, printing on both sides, cartridge ink, etc., we could then recite poems from Hong Yin, for instance.

In addition, I would like to share my understanding of reciting Dafa books. From past years I remember reading many practitioners' articles in Minghui Weekly, sharing their experiences of reciting Dafa books. These are all very good articles. I was really encouraged from reading each one of them. Master told us in Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa,

"Those of us who have the ability, who are in their prime, excepting people who are older or who have a poor memory, should try to memorize the book. Perhaps what I'm suggesting is high--my requirement might be really high. But in many regions a lot of students have memorized it very well. When they study the Fa they don't even need the book--they recite it from memory."

Here is my rationalization: Why don't we make some effort to recite the book if we made up our mind to cultivate? Many ordinary people can even recite books in their fields of specialization or their sphere of interest - the "quality" and "quantity" of books some recited was amazing.

When I first obtained the Fa I read many stories about certain scholars. For example, historian Chen Yinke (persecuted to death by the CCP in 1969) lost his sight for more than twenty years. He could recite many classic books so well that he was able to point out any mistakes his assistant made when reading the books to him.

There are many similar stories. Many people can recite many books. This is not because they have a photographic memory. Rather, it is because they expended lots of effort. In my own understanding, I think as Dafa practitioners, we should do better than ordinary people. We should pay more attention and make more effort to learn and remember the Fa, in order to be worthy of Master's benevolent salvation, worthy of our own prehistoric oath, and worthy of this precious opportunity of cultivation.

The above is my personal understandings. Please kindly point out any mistakes.