Jiang Yulian worked as a nurse in the 2nd Renmin Hospital in Huaihua City, Human Province. Jiang was unlawfully arrested and detained in late April 2005. The prison authorities forcefully injected her with potent tranquilizers, anesthetics and other nerve-damaging drugs. In addition, they took virtually all of her belongings from her home and extorted several thousand yuan from her family.

In the afternoon of April 20, after she had just assisted on four surgeries at the hospital, a group of police officers arrested Jiang from her workplace. That same night she was detained in a drug rehabilitation center located at Hongjiang.

The drug rehabilitation center holds a large population of AIDS patients. Over 90 percent of the drug users in the rehab center are infected with AIDS. A policeman named Yu Huimin wanted to put Jiang Yulian and other AIDS patients in the same room, but the rehab center officials refused to comply and put her into a separate room. Ms. Jiang then went on a hunger strike.

On the sixth day of Jiang Yulian's hunger strike, around 6 o'clock in the evening, the Political and Security Section chief Zhou Wei and several other policemen took her to a hospital and attempted to force her to take a drug injection. Because Jiang Yulian refused to cooperate with them, the police tied her onto the hospital bed, but were still unable to successfully carry out the procedure. At that time, a doctor named Liu Renshui from the Department of Internal Medicine examined her, and found her to have low blood pressure and a heart rate of 150 beats per minute. In spite of the practitioner's poor physical condition, the hospital CCP Committee head He Jinlian ordered Doctor Liu Renshui to inject Ms. Jiang with tranquilizers, anesthetics and other nerve damaging drugs. Following orders from Huang Lin from the local 610 Office, from Zhou Wei from the Political and Security Section, and from Yu Huimin, He Jinlian and Tang Laiyou from the hospital CCP Committee, Doctor Liu Renshui forcibly injected Jiang Yulian with the drugs while Jiang protested to the best of her ability.

Jiang Yulian's arms and legs were tied up against her will. The vicious perpetrators tried with all their might to hold her down so she couldn't move. The force they used on her was so strong that the circulation to her arms and legs was cut off. When the doctor first stuck a needle into her arm; Jiang Yulian called out loudly, "Falun Dafa is good!" As a result, the drug didn't enter her bloodstream, but made her arm swell instead.

When the perpetrators saw the first needle didn't work, they added more of the drugs to inject her with. That didn't work either. They became frustrated, and tried a third and fourth time. After four consecutive anaesthetic injections, Jiang Yulian started to feel dazed and lost consciousness.

When Jiang Yulian awoke, it was already day time. Her feet looked damaged from the injections. She felt sore and weak and suffered from unbearable pain. She was unable to stand up or sit straight. The police dragged her into a police car and drove her to the rehab center to continue the persecution.

During the eighth day of Jiang Yulian's hunger strike, to hide their wrongdoings, the perpetrators transferred her to a detention center that was surrounded by numerous sections of walls. They transferred her to this location in an attempt to persecute her in secrecy. Jiang Yulian's family was barred from visiting. Even her two-year-old daughter couldn't see her. Her family went to the detention center to reason with them, but they responded by saying, "She got to where she is through her own fault. She chose not to eat anything. You want to sue us? Go ahead." Huang Lin from the 610 Office said shamelessly, "You say that I am evil. It is already very nice of me not to have raped her."

On the thirty-seventh day of the torture and torment under the persecution, Zhou Wei, Chief of the Political and Security Section, extorted 5,000 yuan from Jiang Yulian's family.

The persecutors had not only stolen all of Jiang's belongings, they forcibly took her away and tortured her to the point where she was just skin and bones. They extorted money and claimed it was for her "bail." They took her husband's I.D. and have not yet returned it. Jiang Yulian's employer, the hospital, has stopped paying her salary.

Responsible people:

Huang Lin, Head of the 610 Office in Huaihua City: 86-13973078626 (C), 86-745-7622577 (O)
Chief of the Political and Security Section, Zhou Wei: 86-13107418313 (C), 86-745-7620428 (O)
Police Department CCP Committee Secretary, Jiang Changyong: 86-13607417766 (C), 86-745-7622138 (O)
Police officer, Yang Xizhen: 86-13874448855 (C)
Police officers, Xiao Yajing, Yu Yiqiang and Yu Huimin
Director of the Police Department, Wu Jianping
Director of the 2nd Hospital, Tang Laiyou: 13974582871 (C)
Head of the 2nd Hospital CCP Committee, He Jinlian: 13787526159 (C)
Chief of the Security Section, Yi Wujie: 86-13974534007 (C)
Xie Xiuwen: 13874456778 (C)
Doctor, Liu Renshui: 86-13327253566 (C)
The 2nd Hospital main office: 86-745-7622192
Surgery Room: 86-745-7636237