Certain officials from Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong Province have closely followed the orders of Jiang's regime. Since July 20, 1999, they have been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in the entire district. The main evildoers are: Huang Weilian, who was the former Secretary General of Fangzi District Communist Party Committee (and is now the Deputy Mayor of Weifang City, and the Director General of the Weifang City Police Bureau), 610 Office Head Zhu Yanlin, Chen Guobin, who is the Secretary General of the Communist Party Committee of the Public Security Bureau, Dong Jianhua, the Deputy Director General of the Police Bureau (who met with karmic retribution when he and his wife both died during a car accident), Wang Quanfeng from the 610 Office of the Police Bureau (who has since been transferred to another workplace) and others. These individuals have actively incited every company and police station, as well as many community members, to illegally ransack Dafa practitioners' homes, and to arrest, blackmail, detain, put into detention and even sentence practitioners to forced labor camps and prisons. Once detained, the practitioners are brutally beaten, force-fed, hung up while handcuffed, tortured with electric batons, exposed to the baking sun without relief, subjected to freezing weather, deprived of sleep and subjected to other forms of torture.

The names of four Dafa practitioners persecuted to death have been reported. They are Wang Yixin from Guojia Village, Meng Qingxi from Mu Village, Wang Aijuan from Simian, and Wu Jingxia from Phoenix Street. When Wu Jingxia was persecuted to death, her child still needed breastfeeding.

Another three practitioners who have been illegally sentenced are Du Jiqun from the Educational Bureau, Guo Xiuhong from Gouxi Village, and Guo's husband Zhang Chuanzheng. These three are currently detained and being persecuted in Jinan Jail. In addition, more than 20 practitioners have been illegally sentenced to forced labor camps, more than 10 practitioners have been sent to brainwashing sessions and nearly 20 practitioners were forced to leave their homes and go from place to place. It is hard to calculate the total amount of fines that practitioners have had to pay; some are as little as a few hundred yuan, some are as much as 7 or 8 thousand yuan and some are more than 10,000 yuan. For practitioners who were detained, if they couldn't hand over the money, they would not be released. Chen Guobin claimed that he alone would decide who would be released. Some practitioners are still in heavy debt to this day. If they are arrested, charges are fabricated and then they are thrown into jail.

In October 2004, Jiang Henghua from Hongniwa Coal Plant in Fangzi District was arrested and sent home from Beijing, where he went to validate the Fa. His family was fined 30,000 yuan and Jiang was sent to a forced labor camp.

Last July, Feng Yanqin, over 60 years old and a retired teacher, was arrested by the police for clarifying the truth. The police lied to Feng's family, saying that she would be released soon, but instead Fang was secretly sentenced to forced labor and sent to the notorious Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

Last April, Dafa practitioner Tang Xiumei from Guojia Village, homeless due to the persecution, was arrested. In May she was sentenced to a forced labor camp.

During the latest countrywide push to arrest Falun Gong practitioners, on May 11, police officers, including Chen Guobin, Li Chao and others from Fangzi District Police Bureau, incited policemen from Hengan Police Station to break into Dafa practitioner Sun Zhonghua's home, seize him and take him to Bamalu Detention Center. Later the police ransacked Sun's home. They took away a copy of Zhuan Falun, a computer, his tape recorder and his father's deposit book. Sun's mother almost committed suicide from the pressure, but luckily a family member found her in time. Later, Sun's family repeatedly went to the police bureau, demanding his unconditional release. The 610 Office representatives at the police bureau lied to his family, saying that he would be released soon, but he was not. Twenty-eight days after Sun was detained, under public pressure, they had to release him; however, they kept all of his personal belongings.

Fangzi District 610 Office Chief Zhu Yanlin: 86-536-7608610 (O)