(Clearewisdom.net) Early one early spring I rode a motorcycle to deliver Teacher's article to a fellow practitioner who lived on a farm. It was so cold that I was shivering, although I was wearing thick cotton clothes. Just when I was about to reach the destination, a small creek blocked my way. Should I go on or should I turn back?

Looking at the water that spread about 7 to 8 meters wide, I hesitated and hesitated. Finally, I decided to cross the creek. The fellow practitioner desperately needed to read Teacher's article. Through reading this article perhaps the fellow practitioner could really step forward to clarify the truth. So in my mind I recited Teacher's article, "Tathagata," and dashed into the icy cold water on my motorcycle. My motorcycle's engine stopped in the middle of the water and I fell into the water with my motorcycle. I crossed the creek and went to the practitioner's home. He looked at my wet clothes with surprise and asked why I still came when I had to cross the water. I told him, "Teacher's new article arrived. Even if there were a bigger obstacle I would still deliver it."

I saw the look in my fellow practitioner's eyes, moved by my action, and I saw a heart that was melting. He wanted to give me clothes so I could change and invited me to stay for a meal, but I refused politely because I still had to cross the creek when I turned back. I briefly shared with him the experiences of different areas of doing well in the three things. I noticed that this time he listened to me with special attention. He also told me that there was no need for me to return in the future, because he would drive to my place to fetch materials on a regular basis.

Ever since then, this fellow practitioner has taken the lead to motivate practitioners in his area and is holding up the sky there.