(Clearwisdom.net) An insider from the Jinqiao Public Security Bureau in Dashi City, Liaoning Province, recently revealed how practitioner Ms. Su Jingyan died. On August 21, 2001, Ms. Su Jingyan was distributing truth clarification materials when local police arrested, tortured and interrogated her. After she was beaten to death, her body was thrown into a local pond, making it look like she had drowned by accident.

The following is a report by a righteous, kind-hearted person who was in a position to know the truth. He will testify when the right time comes.


I was talking to a staff member of the local police. I spoke positively about Falun Gong and said that the practitioners follow the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance" and that they are very admirable. He then said, "But they lie." I asked him, "Can you tell me who lied?" He thought for a moment and said, "The woman who died, with the name of Su Jingyan." He looked at me. I'd heard about Su Jingyan's death and also read flyers telling about the suspicious circumstances of Su Jingyan's death. I myself did not believe that Ms. Su drowned. Since he mentioned Su Jingyan, I believed that he knew something that we didn't.

So I asked him "What do you mean?" He said, "She had some flyers with her. We asked her if she had distributed them. She did not admit to it. Shouldn't she have been beaten? I did it, too." He said this with an expression that showed hate. I thought he knew just a little bit, but didn't expect that he was directly involved. He essentially told me how Ms. Su died. Many people suspected that Su was beaten to death and that the perpetrators threw her body in the pond to avoid responsibility. So, what we suspected is in fact the truth.

The police had lied to the public about having caught just two practitioners and that Su Jingyan escaped and drowned in the pond. So I asked this man about the other two practitioners, Ma Suyan and Zhao Guiqin, and whether those two were arrested in the room where we held our conversation. He replied with a yes without much emotion.

Details as to how Su Jingyan was killed

Ms.Su Jingyan was a 38-year-old resident from Tielian Village, Dashiqiao City, Liaoning Province. She was a healthy and kind person, and a skilled tailor. She was one of the early practitioners and very steadfast in her cultivation of Falun Dafa. In 1999, when the persecution of Falun Dafa started, she went to validate Dafa and was detained in a drug rehabilitation center, detention center and forced labor camp. In early August of 2001, she was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Then, the police took her and several other female practitioners to Masanjia Forced Labour Camp. When they approached Shenyang City, she jumped out of the window and escaped. She had no money on her and no shoes on her feet, but she managed to go back home with help from kind-hearted people. She continued to clarify the truth to people she met.

On August 21, 2001, Ms. Su Jingyan, Ms. Ma Suyan and Ms. Zhao Guiqin went to Lishan District to distribute truth clarification materials. They started around 9 p.m., but they never made it back home. On August 23, word had it that when they were clarifying the truth, the police arrested them. Ma Suyan and Zhao Guiqin were arrested, while Su Jingyan drowned in a pond in Xiatun, Dashiqiao City. On the 24th, it was rumored that Falun Gong practitioners were distributing flyers. When the police arrived, they only got hold of two practitioners and the other one escaped and drowned. As no one knew where she was from, the police publicized the information for local authorities to come and identify the body.

The news spread around Dashiqiao City. Everybody was talking about it. When other practitioners heard about this, they sensed that there was something suspicious about the story. They started their own investigation and found many inconsistencies in the so-called death report by the police.

The pond in question is by the main road in Xiatun. It formed naturally during rain, since villagers had removed the dirt. It looked like a huge pan. One cannot possible drown in it. Even though one walked into it at night, one would realize it in time and walk back out of it. Another suspicion is that if Su Jingyan did drown, her stomach would be filled with water and her legs and arms would have been straight and stiff. Her body should look peaceful and pale. However, Su's body was in a heap and her hands and feet were claw like. Her body was purple, her arms were up over her shoulders and her abdomen was not bloated.

What is strange is that no one could view her after her body was transferred to the morgue. The police hold the key. No one except for Ms. Su's husband could see her, but her husband was afraid of the police and did not want to pursue it. Why did they have to guard the body? The real reason might be that the police did not want people to take pictures of the body to use as evidence.

The day when Ms. Su's body was cremated, the police sent four vehicles to guard the body. If she had drowned by accident, why would they have to do that? They could just hand the body over to her family. According to insiders, the police paid all cremation expenses, which is not common in accidental deaths at all.

Based on the above, many people suspect that Ms. Su Jingyan was also arrested on August 21 and that the police interrogated, tortured and beat her to death (her body looked like she had been beaten to death). The police were afraid to accept responsibility and therefore threw her into the pond. Practitioners wrote about the suspicious death of Ms. Su Jingyan and then publicized the information on the Minghui/Clearwisdom websites and locally during October of 2001.

Practitioners have not given up their investigation of Su Jingyan's death. Now the truth has come out. An insider who participated in the act and contributed to her death revealed that on August 21, 2001, police from Jinqiao police subdivision arrested her. She was asked whether she distributed the flyers in the Lishan district. Su Jingyan refused to cooperate with them. As a result, she was beaten to death and her body was thrown into the pond.

Practitioner Ms. Ma Suyan was sentenced to a 7-year prison term. She is now being held at Shenyang Dabei prison. Ms. Zhao Shuqin was sentenced to 8 years and is detained at Shenyang Dabei prison.