(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Pei Fei, from Dunhua City, Jilin Province, was brutally tortured by policemen from the Minzhu Police Station and the local detention center. The following is a petition letter she wrote to the Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Jilin Province and the Provincial People's Procurator Office.

Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Jilin Province, the Provincial People's Procurator Office:

My name is Pei Fei, female. I was born on December 12, 1964. I'm 40 years old. I am a college graduate and used to be an official of the Huajin Textile Company Ltd. (formerly Linen and Cotton Textile Factory) in Jilin City, Jilin Province. Because I practice Falun Gong, the company forced me to resign from my post and move out of my dormitory.

I'm writing to you to disclose the illegal acts carried out by the Dunhua City Police Department, the Minzhu Police Station and Detention Center. They illegally searched my home, elicited information through torture, and used cruel means to interrogate me and collect evidence. They also tortured and beat me. I sincerely hope that the Procurator's Office will look into this and produce a fair resolution.

Around 8:30 at night on July 9, 2001, a precinct police officer from the local police station tricked me into opening the door of my younger brother's home, where I was temporarily staying. Over a dozen policemen, including the deputy police chief of Minzhu Police Station, Li Wenzong, and the police chiefs of Dunhua City Police Department and Jilin City Police Department, forced their way in. They took away my Falun Dafa books, Teacher Li's pictures, truth-clarification materials, and other personal items including some fabric. They left a big mess and took me to the Minzhu Police Station in Dunhua City.

The deputy police chief, Li Wenzong, and six other policemen brought me to the second room on the left of the second floor. They pushed me towards an Iron Chair. I said, "I don't want to sit on it. I just want to be a good person. You shouldn't treat me like this." But they handcuffed me to the back of the chair by twisting my hands behind my back. They then shackled me to the two legs of the chair with my feet not touching the ground so I was hanging on the chair. The six policemen started to beat me. Li Wenzong and a policeman with the last name of Du first hit me on my head and face. They used water bottles to hammer me and poured cold water on me. They put a plastic bag over my head to suffocate me for one to two minutes. They also hit me on my body and legs. I felt very dizzy. My mouth was filled with blood, and my teeth became loose (they later fell out). The beating left my legs with bruises as big as 10-20 centimeters (about 4-8 inches). One bruise was as big as 30-50 centimeters (about 12-20 inches). Later, I started to have seizures. The policemen said I was pretending. I had seizures for 3 hours, and they didn't even untie me. The next day, in the afternoon, Li Wenzong used high-voltage electric batons to shock me. I had blisters on my arms. I was not allowed to eat or drink, let alone to sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, they would beat me. I was tied up like that twice, each time for over 50 hours. As a result, I felt dizzy, numb, and disoriented. My hands and feet were swollen and stiff. This abuse, plus other tortures I endured in the detention center led to my paralysis. I had to stay in bed for over 6 months. Only after over a year was I recovered. Even now, there are still hard bumps left in my legs. The policemen also deceived me into answering their questions while I was not fully conscious.

Another person who was directly involved in overseeing the persecution was the police chief, Ren Junfeng. He ignored the law and let his staff do whatever they wanted. If they heard that somebody was a Falun Gong practitioner, they would illegally search that person's home and arrest the person. If they found Falun Gong books or materials, they would use them as evidence for sending that person to prison or labor camp. They would also torture that person in order to get names of other practitioners so that they could arrest them.

Another perpetrator is the police chief of the Dunhua City Police Department. He himself said to me, "You have to tell us what we want. If not, we will make you. We are allowed to use whatever means." The head of the Interrogation and Investigation Section of the police squad, Bian Wenhai, openly demonstrated his willingness to torture Falun Gong practitioners. In the evening of July 12, he interviewed me. He told his staff in front of me, "We can use every means to torture her until she dies. Gag her while you punish her at night. If she dies, throw her out of the window. It's nothing if a Falun Gong practitioner dies." He also said, "Last time we had a practitioner here, we beat him for an hour, and then shocked him with electric batons for an hour. He lost consciousness; we poured water on him to wake him up and shocked him for another hour..."

Later I heard that that practitioner was tortured so badly that he could not even walk afterward. He was carried into the detention center and couldn't get up until over 20 days later.

I was brutally tortured at the Dunhua City Police Department Detention Center

On July 14, 2001, the associate head of the detention center, Liu Shiming, kicked me because I was practicing the Falun Gong exercises. He forcibly put handcuffs and foot shackles on me. The foot shackles were fixed to an iron ring on the ground. One of my hands was handcuffed to the other hand between my two legs. I couldn't stand up straight and could only sit on the ground with my legs bent. I couldn't stretch out my back. I was held to the ground like that for two days and two nights and was not allowed to use the bathroom. My hands and feet were swollen and numb. My toenails turned black.

On July 16, 2001, they started to force feed me (as a way to torture me). According to Liu Shiming, they used the same tubes that were used to feed pigs, to force feed me. The tubes were about 10-15 millimeters (0.4-0.6 inches) in diameter. They didn't even clean or disinfect them. This was not a medical procedure. They just forced the tubes into place. Four or five people held me down while I was still wearing the handcuffs and shackles. A policewoman pulled my head by my hair and stepped on my forehead with her leather boots. It was so painful. I felt extremely weak and almost passed out. The head of the detention center, Zhang Zuochen, ordered the detention center personnel to tie me to the "Dead Person's Bed." My arms and legs were spread in 4 directions and were handcuffed and shackled to a wood board so my hands and feet couldn't move. While I was on the "Dead Person's Bed," Bian Wenhai came to carry out another round of force-feeding. He said: "Hunger strike? Force-feed her 3 times a day. Don't bother pulling out the tubes. Let them stay there."

Liu Shiming force-fed me with milk powder mixed with half a bag of salt. I vomited up the tubes and milk powder. My esophagus, throat, and stomach burned. After that, I lost my voice, couldn't eat solid food, nor anything that was sweet or salty. Two days and one night later, they tricked me into stopping the hunger strike by lying to me, saying that they would release two practitioners who were detained because of me. Little did I know at the time, that they broke the law by issuing the release order and actually transferred the practitioners to a different place for detention. All the tortures left my body in a very weak condition. I couldn't talk or eat normally. My feet and legs were numb. I was paralyzed for over 6 months and didn't recover until one and a half years later. Even these injuries didn't stop them from illegally sentencing me to two years of forced labor.

This is how I was tortured at the Minzhu Police Station and the Dunhua City Police Department Detention Center. I only want to be a good person following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance." I want to be a physically and mentally healthy person. I always think of others first. Freedom of belief is the right given to its citizens by the Chinese Constitution. I didn't break any law and didn't do anything wrong.

Based on the above, I request that:

1. Return my personal items and reimburse me for my financial and psychological losses.

2. In order to maintain the law's integrity, please investigate the illegal acts carried out by the following people: the police chief of Dunhua City Police Department (his last name is Jin), head of the Interrogation and Investigation Section of the police squad, Bian Wenhai, the police chief of the Minzhu Police Station, Ren Junfeng, the deputy police chief, Li Wenzong, the policeman with the last name of Du, and the head and the associate head of the detention center, Zhang Zuochen and Liu Shiming. They violated basic human rights, used torture in interrogation, illegally searched my home, and robbed me of my personal belongings.

3. This appeal letter is also presented to the Jilin Provincial Ministry of Public Security, the Tonghua City Procurator's Office, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Tonghua City, the Jilin City Procurator's Office, the Standing Committee of the People's Congress in Jilin City and the Jilin City Municipal Government.

Appellant: Pei Fei