(Clearwisdom.net) Grandmother Geng lived in Minleyuan Garden, Jiawang District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. She was well known in her neighborhood as a kind-hearted person. Because she and her children practiced Falun Gong and believed in its principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, the Chinese Communist Party has severely persecuted them during the past five years. One of them has been detained in a forced labor camp for a long time. Within the first 35 days of this year, Grandmother Geng and two of her family members were persecuted to death in succession. Less than a hundred days later, another two of her family members were jailed by local officials and the police.

Before the persecution began on July 20, 1999, three generations of the Geng family, more than ten people, practiced Falun Gong together. They enjoyed good health and a harmonious, joyful life.

Since July 20, 1999, local government officials have rampantly persecuted the Geng family. Their first target was Grandmother Geng's youngest son, Mr. Geng Huaipu.

In December 1999, Mr. Geng Huaipu was arrested by agents from the Jiawang District 610 Office and put into the Jiawang Detention Center. He was detained for a year before the court vindicated him and ordered him released. Yet, the 610 Office stayed above the law. Instead of setting Geng Huaipu free, they deliberately defied the court decision by sending him from the detention center to the Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Yancheng City, a place where Falun Gong practitioners are detained in large numbers. While there, Geng Huaipu told others about the physical torture inflicted on him by 610 Office agents and how labor camp guards abused practitioners who resisted the violent persecution.

One year of imprisonment and torture did not make Geng Huaipu give up his belief. After he was detained for a year at the forced labor camp, Geng Huaipu was sent to a brainwashing center in Suining. He refused to wear inmate clothing, do exercises required by the guards, or follow any of their orders. This angered the guards. They handcuffed Geng Huaipu's hands and hung him up in a tree for seven days. If Geng had agreed to wear inmate's clothes, they would have released him from the tree. But he did not give in.

The police finally gave up the idea of forcing him to quit Falun Gong. In the end, Geng Huaipu escaped from the brainwashing center using righteous thoughts. The local government officials sent out dozens of people, traveled several thousand miles, and spent hundreds of thousands of yuan trying to arrest him, but to no avail. Later, Geng Huaipu was arrested again by the police while he was posting truth-clarification materials. He was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp and is now detained in the Nanhu Forced Labor Camp in Xuancheng City, Anhui Province.

Because Geng Huaipu had escaped from the brainwashing center, the local government officials doubled their efforts in persecuting Geng's family. They first put Grandmother Geng's eldest daughter, Geng Huaishu, and her daughter-in-law, Shi Zhongling, into the Luzhuang Brainwashing Center in Jiawang District. One year later, they transferred them to the brainwashing center in Suining. Grandmother Geng's eldest son, Geng Huaiqing, and her other daughter-in-law, Yang Shuhua, were arrested by 610 Office agents. Public security officers at the Xuzhou Mine Corp., where the two had worked, then subjected them to brainwashing sessions for six months.

Grandmother Geng's second son, Geng Huaihao, was not sent to brainwashing sessions because he had very poor eyesight. However, the 610 Office still harassed him and kept him under surveillance for several months. In the past, Geng Huaihao's wife and younger brother, Geng Huaipu, took care of him. Geng Huaipu was imprisoned and has not been home for five years. Geng Huaihao, missing his younger brother and threatened by the 610 Office agents many times, lived his life in fear. This severely damaged his health, and he died in February 2005. In his last moments, Geng Huaihao still called his younger brother's name. The Geng family asked the police to release Geng Huaipu for his brother's funeral, but Fan Shuyou, head of the local 610 Office, turned them down.

Grandmother Geng's household was frequently harassed, as much as several times a week. The community office, the security office, the state security agency, the police department branch, the local 610 Office in Jiawang District, and the local police station all sent people to harass them. They ransacked Geng's home numerous times. Grandmother Geng, after her children were arrested one after the other, went to the 610 Office to ask for her children's release. Each time she was either kept outside the door or stopped by the local government officials and policemen. The lonely grandmother had to endure the persecution and the economic pressure all by herself. She had suffered from the persecution of her sons, daughter, daughters-in-law and other family members, the ransacking of her home, harassment and threats. Alone, subjected to a state terror by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the grandmother finally collapsed and passed away in March 2005.

Grandmother Geng's eldest daughter-in-law, Shi Zhongling, was tortured to death at the Suining County Brainwashing Center of Xuzhou City and died on March 22, 2005. Before her death, she was sent to a hospital and diagnosed as having two broken ribs, dislocated shoulders and numerous other injuries, including internal bleeding.

Thus, a large family full of kindness and harmony, an honest grandmother and her children, who all believed in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, were persecuted by the CCP in the name of the state for five years. Even so, the remaining Geng family members still try their best to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa to those who are still deceived by the CCP.

When Grandmother Geng passed away, her family asked the 610 Office to allow Geng Huaipu to attend the funeral and pay his last respects to his mother. Still, Fan Shuyou, head of the local 610 Office, refused their request and did not permit Geng Huaipu to attend.

Within 35 days, Grandmother Geng, her second son, and her eldest daughter-in-law died one after the other due to the persecution. Three grandchildren in the family became orphans.

Before the Geng family could wipe away their tears, another round of persecution began. In less than one hundred days after the funerals, local 610 Office agents, headed by Fan Shuyou, and under the direction of the 610 Office in Jiangsu Province, deceived Grandmother Geng's eldest son Geng Huaiqing, and daughter-in-law Yang Shuhua into going to a brainwashing center run by the provincial 610 Office.

Good will be rewarded with good and evil will receive karmic retribution. To those who persecute good people: Do not desert morality and justice in exchange for a tiny benefit. You are cutting off your paths to the future.