(Clearwisdom.net) After the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, under orders from the directors of the Yushu City detention centers in Jilin Province, Wei Fucheng and Gong Tie, a brutal persecution was carried out against Falun Dafa practitioners. They not only illegally held Dafa practitioners, but also had them brutally tortured with many methods, including force-feeding, pouring cold and dirty water on practitioners, tying them on the death bed, forcing them to wear restraining devices used for death row inmates, and violent beatings.

In the spring of 2000, over ten practitioners were imprisoned in a Yushu City detention center. On the morning of February 22, guard Teng (surname) found that practitioners had gotten together to study the Fa, so he took a bucket of dirty water used for cleaning the floors and poured it on top of the practitioners' heads. With the dirty water dripping from the practitioners' faces and heads, Teng cursed at them and took the Dafa books away. Later, the practitioners were transferred to another detention center, which has held a total of over two hundred practitioners over the course of several years. Every morning, the practitioners got up to practice the Falun Gong exercises without disturbing anyone, even though the guards, under the instigation of Director Wei Fucheng, beat them with a big plastic pipe and then forced them to lie prostrate on the cement floor before finally pushing the practitioners out of the room into the freezing cold outdoors. Such violent occurrences happened every day.

In order to protest against the persecution, the practitioners went on hunger strikes. The guards forced them to go outside and carry snow on their shoulders from one place to another, and tortured them with a variety of methods. One day, guard Gao Yong forced 19-year-old Miss Liu Jinfeng to take off her warm coat and sit on a pile of snow, while it was snowing and extremely cold. Soon, Miss Liu's hands were frozen and became purple. After two or three hours, she was allowed to go inside. Her hands had swollen very badly, her lips were dark blue and she was shaking uncontrollably, unable to talk. The guards also punished Ms. Ju Dongmei and four other practitioners who were persistent in practicing the exercises, locking them up in a small isolation cell.

They put the practitioners who firmly believed in Falun Dafa into Cell No. 8, where it was wet and cold. Water dripped from the ceiling and walls, and the bed boards were so wet that the practitioners were unable to lie down and could only sit on the bed. Around 3 a.m. on February 28, when some practitioners were sitting in meditation, they were found by Yang Zhifei who was on duty. He ordered guards Sun Jingfu, Zhang Fuxue, Zhang Zhijun and driver Han (last name) to help him torture the practitioners. They pushed the practitioners onto the bed boards and then beat them with sticks. The sound of beating could be heard far down the corridor. They also took off all the practitioners' clothes except for their underwear and mercilessly beat them, focusing on sensitive parts of their bodies such as their anklebones and the inside of their upper legs. Driver Han hit a practitioner 200 times with a stick. After hitting the practitioner, he was unable to lift his arm for several days, and he was extremely weak when he walked.

The detention center personnel also used long bags filled with sand to beat the practitioners. After hitting them for over two hours, they threw the practitioners, who were still wearing only their underwear and who were unable to move due to the beating, outside in the snow to freeze them. By that time, two of them, Mr. Zhu Feng and Ms. Chai Xiuzhi, had become unconscious. The practitioners wanted to carry these two practitioners back inside, but guard Xu Jiufei said, "You aren't allowed to carry them inside. If several people die that would be no problem. We are allowed three deaths every year." Chen Yaoguo also echoed him, "No problem, we are allowed two or three deaths."

After the practitioners firmly insisted on carrying the two unconscious practitioners back into the room, the guards finally allowed them to do so. The rest of the practitioners were frozen for about half an hour, and only then were they allowed to come inside. Their legs had become dark purple, and when they used the toilet, they were only able to squat halfway. A hard scar still remains on one of the practitioners' legs as a result of the beatings and being frozen. After being released, one of the practitioner's fingernails fell off due to frostbite. The practitioners who were seriously beaten that morning were Ms. Chai Xiuzhi, Mr. Liu Qingjie, Mr. Zhu Feng, Ms. Ren Chunying, Ms. Liu Shujuan, Ms. Hao Shuqin, Ms. Zhou Qiling and Ms. Liu Jinfeng. The day before, Director Wei Fucheng had told the guards: "Tomorrow if they practice the exercises again, beat them until they can hardly breathe and drag them outside to freeze."

That day, guard Gao Yong ordered Ms. Liu Shujuan and Ms. Zhou Qiling to take off their cotton-padded jackets and stand outside facing the back wall. Ms. Liu Shujuan refused to do so. Gao Yong then put heavy shackles, normally reserved for violent death-row inmates, on Ms. Liu Shujuan . She could hardly move when she walked with the shackles. Gao Yong tied her arm with a rope and held the rope with one hand while he used his other hand to beat Ms. Liu Shujian with a stick. The guards forced four other practitioners to run in a circle with Ms. Liu Shujuan walking among them. After several days, officers from the police department took seven practitioners from the detention center to the labor camp for "reeducation through forced labor." The camp found their wounds very serious and refused to accept them, so the police had to beg the camp to accept the seven practitioners.

The practitioners who were illegally imprisoned in the detention center had all been tortured. On one occasion, guard Dasunzi forced practitioner Ms. Sun Zhongzhi to take off her pants and beat her badly. Over 60-year-old Ms. Ge Shuqin was held on the bed boards and beaten simply because she practiced Falun Gong. One time in Cell No. 8, the practitioners recited Teacher's book together. They were seen by guard Jiao Shuxia, who forced the practitioners to lie face down on the cement floor. Jiao then poured cold water on the practitioners until they were soaking wet. During this time of illegal imprisonment, more than 40 practitioners were sentenced to "reeducation through forced labor." Three of them have been persecuted to death; they are Ms. Han Yuzhu, Mr. Wang Xianyou and Mr. Yue Kai.

Besides cruelly beating, freezing and pouring water on the practitioners, the authorities also barbarically force-feed the practitioners when they go on hunger strikes. In July 2001, practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiuli was illegally imprisoned in the detention center. In order to protest against the persecution, Ms. Zhang went on a hunger strike. Under orders from Deputy Director Li, the doctor from the detention center, guard Dasunzi, and several male detainees, barbarously force-fed Ms. Zhang Xiuli. They mixed half a bowl of salt with a little amount of water and stirred it into a dense soup. Then, they tried to force-feed Ms. Zhang Xiuli. She refused to drink the salt solution. Guard Dasunzi, then grabbed her hair and beat and kicked her. They pried open her mouth to force-feed her, spilling the salty mixture all over her body.

During this time, a higher-ranking authority came to visit the detention center, and Deputy Director Li lied to the visitor, saying, "We just force-fed her lightly salted water." One day, while sitting on the bed boards, practitioner Ms. Guo Shuxue was sending forth righteous thoughts, and was found by Wei Fucheng. He not only cursed Ms. Guo but also punished her by making her stand facing the wall.

There is also a shortage of food for the practitioners in the detention center. Each day, practitioners only have two meals, consisting of a small piece of half-cooked, leavened rice flour bread and a bowl of dark and frozen Chinese cabbage soup. The detention center charges over several dozen yuan for the food. At first, the meal was a bowl of rice and a variety of vegetables, which cost twenty yuan.

Some practitioners went on hunger strikes without eating anything for over ten days. When they were released, the detention center still demanded that the practitioners' family members pay the full amount of the cost of meals for the total period of imprisonment. The items sold at the detention center's convenience store are very expensive, about two to three times higher than what would be found in normal outside stores.

The above is just a small portion of the brutal persecution of practitioners in the detention centers in Yushu City. The people who participated in the persecution, in addition to those mentioned above, are: police officer Zhang Zhijun, Sun Jingfu, Zhang Fuxue, driver Han, Gao Yong, Xu Jiufei, and Chen Yaoguo, also included Yang Zhifei, Wang Fei, An Yanguo, Jiao Shuxia, Zhao Chunyan, Teng Qingling, Gong Tie and the doctor from the detention center.

It was disclosed to an insider that over the past two to three years, most of the guards from the Yushu City detention centers have suffered from hepatitis B. Among them, Jiao Shuxia has already developed symptoms of liver cirrhosis. Her husband also has been implicated in a crime involving money fraud. Sunjingfu not only has been stricken with hepatitis B, but his wife has gotten sick and their child has been convicted for stealing vehicles. It is the law of Heaven that "good deeds are rewarded with good and bad deed receive their just retribution."