(Clearwisdom.net) The major source of interference for clearheaded, steadfast Falun Dafa practitioners at this time comes from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) evil specters. They are like parasites that have lodged themselves in each Falun Dafa practitioner's every cell and do damage to practitioners by taking advantage of their human thoughts. A lot of practitioners don't recognize it and don't look at things that happen using their righteous thoughts.

At my level I observe that when a practitioner's mind spawns a thought that is not consistent with the Fa's standard, or is commingled with human notions, the specters will come in a big group, brandishing predatory teeth and claws. Their images appear as low-level spirit possessions (snakes, toads, tadpoles, maggots etc.) The larger the human notion, the greater the number of these ferocious, hysterical low-level spirits that will appear. The more a practitioner emphasizes himself the more energy he feeds to these low-level spirits. If a practitioner recognizes that his thoughts originate from the CCP Party culture, then the low-level spirits disintegrate in a second. On the contrary, if one cannot recognize this in time, then not only does one sink deeper into the Party culture, this will also generate interference for other practitioners. The troubles that appear among practitioners as a whole, the severe "illness-karma" symptoms occurring amongst practitioners, and the strong human emotions of criticizing others behind their backs--all these phenomena are the result of this direct interference.

I hope practitioners can recognize this in time and eliminate it with righteous thoughts. The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party manifests in other dimension as a sharp, golden shining sword. It is very important that practitioners read the Nine Commentaries. My whole body felt itchy as I was writing this article and I knew it was the CCP evil spirits trying to obstruct the writing. With strong righteous thoughts I denied them and insisted on completing the document. After I finished this article I felt very relaxed and at ease.