Having a Peaceful and Benevolent Heart towards the Police

For the past few years, I have treated the police the same as other people, because that's what they are. Only the work they do is different. With such a mindset, I have treated them with benevolence, and it has produced good results. Even when I was in dangerous situations, there was no danger in the end.

When some practitioners talk about the police, they use words like "evil" police and the like. Personally, I don't think it's right. Many people's minds are not steady. A practitioner's words and minds have energy. If that police officer is not evil, or if he or she did bad things before but now has come to know the truth and is good to practitioners, aren't the practitioner's words having an adverse affect on him? I think we should have a benevolent heart toward the police, for many of them are to be saved.

Tolerance, Accommodation, and the Seriousness of Cultivation

I have been reflecting on this issue and looking within. I found that I have changed the way I look at other practitioners, especially the ones who escaped from danger with me.

I am the kind of person who will point out the shortcomings of other practitioners when I see them. As I understand it, this is good for their individual cultivation and for our overall improvement. After meeting with one particular practitioner, however, I saw his kindness and honesty, his firm belief in Falun Dafa, and the hardships he was encountering in cultivation, so I didn't point out his attachment to his family in time.

Every time he had an appointment with me, he would first finish his everyday things. When he called me to say he was coming, he wasn't punctual. Sometimes he said he had to take care of something else and canceled our appointment. As a result I had to wait at home for one or two days or nearly a week. He totally messed up my schedule. I had thought it was to help me get rid of my usual attachment of having things go my way or to develop tolerance towards practitioners and put others ahead of myself. But I now realize that I wasn't really thinking from the Fa's perspective. I was moved by human sentimentality. I only thought about the hardships he was going through in cultivation, leaving it to him to become enlightened to his attachment to family on his own. I didn't point out his shortcomings in time and forgot how serious cultivation is. The evil is always taking advantage of our loopholes.

As practitioners, we should put Dafa as the first priority under any circumstances. We should put ourselves in a righteous position and do Dafa work well first, before anything else. At the same time, we should also do well in our regular work. Dafa work is to save people, and it is our greatest mission. We made vows before coming to the human world. We cannot miss the opportunity. Is missing one day a trivial issue?

In addition, when I witnessed other practitioners incapable of giving up their human attachments, I didn't point it out. I have also used "tolerance and accommodation" to cover up my deeply buried attachment to sentimentality, which, in turn, has nurtured the evil.

Written on May 26, 2005