(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Hu Wenjian from Xingfu Village, Chouzhuang Township, Langfang City, Hebei Province was abducted numerous times for practicing Dafa. His home was ransacked and police beat him. He was sent to the police station, a detention center and labor camp where he was forced to do slave labor. He was savagely mistreated at Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp, so severely that he was disabled and half of his body was paralyzed. His disability was the reason he died in a tricycle accident.

Hu Wenjian, 39 years old, started practicing Dafa in 1998. He benefited physically and mentally from Dafa practice and conducted himself according to Dafa. He gave up gambling, drinking and other bad habits. After Jiang's group started persecuting Dafa on July 20, 1999, Hu Wenjian signed a joint letter to the People's Congress in March 2000 to clarify the truth about Dafa. Liu Fengjun, the Political and Judiciary Committee secretary, took him to the police station and handcuffed him to a wooden wheel for six hours. Then he dragged Hu Wenjian to a room to beat and kick him. Hu Wenjian bled profusely and was then held at the police station for 28 days and fined 15,000 yuan. His family could not afford to pay the fine.

On May 12, 2001 Hu Wenjian posted the words "Falun Dafa is great" near State Highway 106. Officers from the Dongmajuan Town Joint Defense Team in Wuqing, Tianjin abducted Hu Wenjian and body-searched him. Six officers beat and kicked Hu Wenjian and whipped him with his belt until it broke into several pieces. The officers handcuffed him to the leg of a table, didn't give him any food or water and didn't allow him to use the toilet.

The next day, May 13, Hu Wenjian was taken to the Luofa Police Station. On the way there, Yan Zhen from Division 1 of the city police department asked who Hu's wife was, and threatened him that he would suffer a broken home. At the Luofa Police Station the officers hired four thugs, one of them with the last name Liu, who whacked Hu Wenjian with clubs until he was covered with bruises. He could not stand up and almost lost consciousness. Around 11:00 p.m., Zhang Wanchun, the deputy head of the Luofa Police Station and Xu Lianyu, secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, ransacked Hu Wenjian's home and took his Dafa books. The two perpetrators interrogated and beat Hu Wenjian until his face was deformed and his blood splashed onto the wall. Around 1:00 a.m. a police officer named Wang handcuffed and shackled Hu Wenjian.

On May 14, Zhang Wanchun and Wang sent Hu Wenjian to the Langfang City Detention Center in Hebei Province. The detention center authorities refused to take him because they feared he might die there. Zhang Wanchun pleaded with the authorities and eventually got the detention center to accept Hu Wenjian. Mr. Hu was held at the detention center nearly seven months past his term. He ate only sparse meals of steamed cornbread and drank vegetable soup, while being forced to do intensive labor for 17 hours a day.

On December 4, 2001, Hu Wenjian was sent to Hehuakeng Forced Labor Camp in Tangshan City to be further persecuted. Aside from eating and sleeping, he was forced to sit on a small stool for long periods of time each day, during which time the perpetrators bombarded him with Dafa-slandering propaganda. Due to the physical and mental torture he developed hemiplegia. He was later diagnosed with leukoencephalopathy. The labor camp authorities refused to send him to a hospital and told his family to take him home.

He stayed at the Langfang Conduit Bureau Hospital for 46 days and incurred more than 10,000 yuan in medical expense. His family borrowed the money to pay the bill. His wife could no longer endure such tremendous mental and financial pressure and proposed divorce and walked out with their son. Hu Wenjian was left home alone, disabled, in debt and constantly harassed by county government officials who took his Dafa books and threatened to send him to a labor camp if he continued to practice Dafa.

In late 2004, Hu Wenjian tried to uphold his freedom of belief by filing a lawsuit against the individuals and work units that had persecuted him, but the Langfang City People's Court rejected his case because he is a Falun Gong practitioner. Several days later, Yang Yongzhen, accountant for the Xingfu Village Party Committee, led a deputy Party secretary from the county government to Hu Wenjian's home. They told Hu Wenjian not to file lawsuits against government officials and promised him some money in compensation for his suffering.

After a few days passed, Yang Zhigang, Party secretary for Xingfu Village, and a deputy secretary from the Chouzhuang Township Party Committee asked whether he published his persecution online and asked him who helped him get online. Hu Wenjian didn't tell them. When he asked them about the money they promised, they denied ever making the promise.

In order to make a living, Hu Wenjian bought an electric tricycle with help from friends and fellow practitioners. He earned money by taking people around in the tricycle. However, the pressures of life and the fact that his wife and child left him weighed heavily on his mind and his health deteriorated. One night he tripped and fell to the ground before the door of his home, and the tricycle fell on top of him. Because of his disability he was unable to push the tricycle off him and was dead by the time people found him.