Since the beginning of the Fa-rectification until today, I have always truly felt that everything is arranged and prepared for Dafa.

I have worked as an insurance agent at our company for 13 years. During that time we have never held an anniversary celebration. A new general manager was hired in April of this year. He was an international translator before coming here, working with groups traveling to Europe and America. After this general manager came to our company, I only had the chance to talk with him twice, but both times he actually made the effort to talk meaningfully with me and didn't avoid topics or beat about the bush. The first time he told me that he read the Epoch Times Newspaper in Germany and that he admired it very much. He also saw that some senior practitioners saved money to buy those newspapers to send to Chinese restaurants for people coming from Mainland China to read. This gave me the opportunity to give him the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party.

The second time we talked, he told me about watching the parade in New York and the rally at Kodac Grand Street in Taiwan on TV that both supported one million people resigning from the Chinese Communist Party. He thought that this mass wave of resignations would get even more powerful.

Since he was the new general manager, he helped to arrange and hold a 15th Anniversary Celebration on May 14. We invited all our customers and the VIP's of the insurance company. One practitioner discussed with me about how to distribute the Nine Commentaries. After sharing, we utilized the convenient opportunity to clarify the truth successfully.

That day there was a downpour, but many VIP's and high-ranking officials from insurance companies still came. We don't always know how to clarify the truth to them, but through our efforts they all received the Nine Commentaries.

Before, I was always worried that distributing the Nine Commentaries this way would not be understood by coworkers and guests. This time, however, we had Epoch Times reporters covering the event, and we distributed the Nine Commentaries to the more than one hundred VIP's and staff. We had the opportunity to inform people about the 1.5 million individuals who have resigned from the Chinese Communist Party. Many of them were very surprised, and quite a few had never heard about this. As each of them held his or her copy of the Nine Commentaries, it looked as if no one wanted to put it down. We felt that the aware sides of these sentient beings were waiting for us to tell them the facts.

After the experience at the celebration, we have gained more insights and understandings every day, and everything that has happened and will happen are good opportunities for clarifying the truth. This is just my sharing with practitioners. Please feel free to point out if it is not correct.