(Clearwisdom.net) In May 2002, the Political and Judiciary Committee in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, held another round of brainwashing sessions. Ms. Liu Zhi, who lived in Building 67, Jintie Lane in the Linghe District of Jinzhou City, was forced to leave her home to avoid persecution. In the past, Ms. Liu had been taken to the political and judiciary division of the city's police department, and tortured there for a whole day. The authorities extorted 2,000 yuan in cash from her husband for her release.

This time, officers from the Jintie Police Station would not call it quits. They had lost an opportunity for promotion and reward for failing to detain Ms. Liu previously. Early one morning, officers, who had placed her home under surveillance, showed up at her home before her son got up and demanded to know "where Liu was."

On August 18, 2002, Ms. Liu returned home to fulfill her duty as a mother, to help her son to go back to school. On August 20, Gao, the political head of the Jintie Police Station; Li, deputy director; and other officers broke into her home. Without even letting her put on a jacket, they took Ms. Liu to the brainwashing center. Within days, Ms. Liu Zhi was tortured to death. The authorities did not permit her family to hold funeral services, and unlawfully cremated her body. Ms. Liu's family refused to sign the paper to release her body before an investigation of her untimely death. Zhang Yingen, deputy chief of the Jinzhou City Police Department, cursed and yelled at her husband and son in the Jintie Police Station despite their loss of a loved one.