(Clearwisdom.net) On June 24, Falun Gong practitioners in Taiwan held a press conference at 2·28 Memorial Peace Park to strongly condemn the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) murder of Gao Rongrong. The following is an article about this event reported by the Liberty Times.

Human rights violations in China have not stopped as a result of economic growth. Wu Huilin, a professor at the China Economic Institute and director of the China Human Rights Association, said that China has used one quarter of its GDP to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Foreign companies and Taiwan businessmen should be more than careful about investing in China, as this is in fact indirectly assisting the CCP.

The Falun Dafa Association of Taiwan held a press conference yesterday to announce that 37-year-old Gao Rongrong died as a result of persecution on June 16, 2005. Ms. Gao's body is currently at a funeral home. While her family members can't see her body, the Chinese regime is pressuring them to cremate her quickly, in order to destroy all evidence of their crimes.

Shenyang practitioner Gao Rongrong, a beautiful young woman, was abducted and taken to a forced labor camp last year, where she was electrically shocked for some 7 continuous hours. Gao's face was covered with blisters and her hair was matted with pus and blood. Gao was persecuted for several years; she escaped once, then was again arrested and tortured to death last Thursday, [June 16].

Director Chang Ching-hsi of the Taiwan Falun Dafa Association said that the death of Ms. Gao was not the most appalling case. Some practitioners were injected with drugs resulting in mental disorders, some had their nails pulled out with steel pliers by police, and some had bamboo sticks inserted into their finger tips. The Chinese authorities have exhausted all possible torture methods one can imagine. In the past 6 years, the regime has murdered 2603 practitioners. Each of them has a confirmed name, story and origin. The actual number of killed practitioners to be confirmed could be more than 10,000.

Wu Huilin said that the 21st century is a century of civilization, and the life and human rights of every being should be respected. However, such cruel things surprisingly are happening in our neighboring China.

Recently, the "China Rising" claim has been making overwhelming noise. Though the economy of China is growing, the development of its civilization is going in the opposite direction. The resources created by economic growth are being used to violate human rights.