Dafa disciple Yuan Hang believes in Dafa and Master very firmly. In 2000 she was arrested for validating the Fa. Hang resisted the persecution with righteous thoughts and never compromised with the evil. At that time, she thought, "The evil simply does not deserve to persecute me." Once she had this thought, her handcuffs opened on their own. Later, Hang was transferred to another detention center, where she refused to accept any orders from the evil and clarified the facts to them. The police could not do anything to her. They dared not to handcuff her again. Instead, they dispatched several guards to monitor her. Hang thought, "I can't be imprisoned here to bear the persecution. I have to go out to clarify the facts." The guards were suppressed by her righteous thoughts, and they all fell asleep even though it was the middle of the day. Hang then escaped, aided by her righteous thoughts.

During the New Year's holiday in 2004, Hang carried with her 1200 copies of truth-clarifying CDs and Dafa materials over hundreds of miles, so that practitioners there could obtain these materials on time. To board the train, each passenger must go through a thorough inspection. Before Hang left, some practitioners advised her to circumvent the inspection before boarding the train; however, she thought: "These materials are to save sentient beings. The evil simply does not deserve to see them." She confidently put her luggage in front of the scanner, and they passed through unscathed. She encountered similar inspections several times on the way, but she sustained her righteous thoughts and passed through all of them safely. Furthermore, she clarified the truth to other passengers and talked to them directly about her enormous changes before and after practicing Falun Dafa and about the beauty of Dafa. Warm-hearted passengers also helped her to put the truth-clarifying CDs and Dafa materials onto the luggage rack. Just like this on her trip, she clarified the truth about Dafa to many passengers. Hang arrived safely at her destination and delivered the materials in time to fellow practitioners.

In these years, no matter how dangerous the situation appeared to be, Hang has faced them with righteous thoughts. She told us, "We should always firmly bear in mind that we are Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period. We should validate the Fa under all circumstances. Believe in Dafa and Master firmly. I believe that Dafa disciples with righteous thoughts and actions cannot be harmed by the evil."