(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, I heard that there was an international consortium that intended to invest several billion US dollars in mainland China. Through Fa study, I realized the importance of clarifying the truth to such large consortiums. When Master answered practitioners' questions on November 29, 2003 in Atlanta, he said:

"Question: Some disciples have realized that it's also important to clarify the truth in the economic sphere, because right now the evil...

Teacher: Yes, I thought of this long ago. Of the people in the world, there are a lot of heads of big corporations, and I can tell you, they had a wish in their previous lives to make money to use for Dafa. They've now become lost, and not only have they not used it for Dafa, they're using it for evil.

This time the old forces won't let those people come and attain the Fa, and that's because they think: if you had too much money the persecution wouldn't exist; if you had a few extremely rich people supporting you behind the scenes, could that evil in China keep being so evil? It doesn't want the Chinese people to know the truth, and what if you made a few satellites and sent them up there, and broadcasted into China non-stop? The old forces' obstruction has indeed ruined some people, and some people have committed grave sins.

You can do what you mentioned, just do the best you can. Sometimes it's not that easy to get through to those people." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference")

We got in touch with the head of the consortium. In order to help him understand the truth and stop contributing vital support to the evil, we compiled a couple of booklets. Immediately the evil started to interfere with him. It seemed to be a critical situation. National security personnel, bodyguards, and different officers surrounded him. All of a sudden, he could hardly receive the materials from us. One practitioner saw that he was covered with a thick, triangular metal covering, and that he was struggling inside, and not able to get out. We, as a group, sent forth righteous thoughts for this.

We broke through layers of obstacles and finally had a chance to clarify the truth to the head of the consortium. We persuaded him not to invest in China. He knew that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was evil, and he didn't intend to help the CCP with the investment. He was not interested in politics, and he felt that he could help the Chinese people become prosperous, and help those who were unemployed and living in hardship.

The problem, which was reflected from his thoughts, was what we needed to look at clearly from the principles of Fa. Only then could we remove the blockage in his heart.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw a scene. I saw a person leading a blind but healthy child to beg for money. A kind-hearted person (corresponding to the people in the consortiums) gave him money to cure the child's eyes. After the kind-hearted person left, the other person (with the child) kept most of the money, and used a small portion of the money to buy some moldy food for the child. After the child ate it, he developed boils and his body became dark and purple. Upon seeing this, people nearby told the child, "Don't eat that stuff. He is harming you." The child dared not eat any more. Because he could not see, he did not know what he ate. That person saw this and scolded the child, "Why do you listen to them? Are they in charge of you? I bought you food. You have to listen to me." The child had no choice but to eat the poisonous food, and he became more ill. That person continued to lead the blind and sick child to beg along the street. He tried to get more sympathy from people. When that rich and kind-hearted person approached them with money again, someone nearby said, "You have so much money. If you cured the child's eyes, he would be able to see what he eats, understand what he should not eat, and know who genuinely treats him well and cares about him. Isn't that better?"

After sending forth righteous thoughts, I enlightened to the idea that it is genuinely saving people if we can encourage the wealthy people who are willing to do good deeds to donate money to support purchasing a satellite or producing materials that will help people learn the truth, recognize the true nature of the Communist Party, and awaken to the truth. This is benefiting both the country and the people, and that has boundless virtue. On the contrary, investing large amounts of money in the communist regime contributes vital support to the remaining evil, which will turn around to poison the people with a renewed effort. How can the Communist Party represent the Chinese people? This is the result of the Communist Party's cultural brainwashing. Therefore, we must first understand clearly the principles of the Fa in order to do a good job in clarifying the truth to the large consortiums.

We showed him the VCD named "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party." The other materials we gave him included the article "The Dark Curtain of the Chinese Economy" (which exposes the truth of the Chinese economy), and "Truth about the Self-Immolation," the self-compiled booklet "Priceless Happiness," and other pieces of literature. These materials helped him to gradually come to a better understanding.

The Chinese people's work ethic has attracted a large amount of foreign investment and turned China into an international market. But the CCP:

"...has been using the Chinese people and using the investors' funds and massive amounts of financial, material, and human resources to suppress people and persecute Falun Gong." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference")

Anyone who invests in or donates to the CCP is being used by the CCP to persecute people. Wouldn't this be against their good original intention?

"Along with those two reasons, there is actually another factor at the most fundamental level that is behind the many governments and almost all the major media around the world not taking a stance. And that is, the old forces' factors in the old cosmos have been blocking off all of the world's people who haven't obtained the Fa, not letting them get involved in this affair. Their goal is to have the Dafa disciples be "tested" in certain locales." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference")

In the process of clarifying the truth to him, we experienced many obstacles. As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we completely opposed all the arrangements made by the old forces, and we sent forth righteous thoughts together for a long period of time. A practitioner saw that the cover surrounding him dissolved when we sent forth righteous thoughts.

At the same time he, too, experienced Dafa's miracle in that his health improved in the process. He recognized the Communist Party's true nature. He expressed that he would no longer donate to or invest a single penny in the Communist Party. Instead, he would donate money to save people.