Credit Union Director Realizes the Truth

A few days ago, a practitioner deposited some money at his credit union. Two days later the director of the credit union came to pay him a visit, and nervously told him that there was a mistake in the amount entered into his savings book. The amount should have been 2,000 yuan, but it was erroneously entered as 11,000 yuan, a net gain of 9,000 yuan for the practitioner. The practitioner brought out the savings book (which he hadn't checked after making the deposit), and found that the amount was indeed entered as 11,000 yuan. He told the director, "Yes, it was entered incorrectly. Don't worry. You can take the savings book back and correct the numbers." The practitioner also agreed to give the extra interest payment back to the credit union.

The credit union director was deeply touched and thanked the practitioner whole-heartedly. The practitioner said, "Do not thank me, you should thank Falun Dafa. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and it is Falun Dafa that teaches me to be honest." The director immediately said gratefully, "Thank you Falun Dafa! Thank you Falun Dafa! In the past I only believed what was said on CCTV, and I said bad things about Falun Gong. I was mistaken. I'll never believe a word from that deceitful CCTV again. After all, Falun Dafa really is good!"

I Finally Understood the Persecution Suffered by My Sister

I am 42 years old. My sister's health improved and her family became happier after she began practicing Falun Dafa. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started persecuting Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, my sister became a victim. I was also implicated, and I constantly worried about her and her little child. In order to minimize her suffering, my husband and I tried to present gifts and entertain the officials who were overseeing her detention. Because of my worries, my hair began turning grey. Despite my efforts, my sister still suffered from mental trauma due to the constant persecution. After she was released, she was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Her speech became incoherent, and she was injected twice with nerve damaging drugs while staying at the hospital. She became unable to even take care of herself. Later she was twice forced to get treatment at the mental hospital, but each time she came out worse than before. She could not even sit still for a few minutes.

Due to the vilifying and slanderous propaganda published by the CCP, at that time I blamed all these sufferings on my sister and Falun Dafa. However, now I have observed that without taking a single pill, my sister's health recovered completely simply by following the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance" to be a good person, and cultivating and improving her moral character. After she and her fellow Dafa practitioners persisted in telling me the facts, I knew I had been deceived and misled. My sending gifts and entertaining officials actually worsened the persecution of Dafa practitioners. These acts encourage the officials to further persecute and extort practitioners and their families.

It was the CCP that brought calamity upon my family, and Falun Dafa that brought us prosperity and happiness. I feel so deeply ashamed for all my wrongdoings caused by my past ignorance.