After Chen Yonglin, a senior Chinese diplomat at the Chinese Consulate in Sydney appeared in public at a rally in Sydney marking the anniversary of the 1989 June 4 Massacre, Hao Fengjun, and another CCP insider also stepped forward to tell the public the truth. Hao Fengjun was a former agent of the 610 Office, in the Tianjin Bureau of State Security. In order to publicly express his support for the righteous action of Chen Yonglin, he provided inside stories and detailed information about how the CCP cruelly persecutes Falun Gong practitioners and fabricates cases against Falun Gong.

According to the news reported by Xiao Qin, a reporter from The Epoch Times, who interviewed Hao Fengjun on June 8, Hao Fengjun revealed much information on the organizational structure of the CCP's 610 Office, the incident at the Tianjin College of Education, the "103"cases of Tianjin Falun Gong practitioners, and how China Central Television (CCTV) fabricated a case against Falun Gong. To date, Hao Fengjun is the first CCP Official who has stepped forward publicly to testify about how the CCP cruelly persecutes and frames Falun Gong.

What is 610 Office for?

Hao Fengjun said that the 610 Office, created by the CCP, is for collecting information about Falun Gong practitioners, as well as monitoring and persecuting them. Hao also said that although at present the CCP seems disinclined to frame and slander Falun Gong on TV and in newspapers, it has not reduced the persecution of Falun Gong at all. Instead, it is doing everything secretly.

The 610 Office had little support among the people from the very beginning. In the beginning, the Tianjin Police Station publicly posted notifications on bulletin boards of each district police station to recruit lower level police officers to work for the 610 Office. However, there were very few applicants. Since the 610 Office is a huge authorized organization, they had to use a computer program to randomly draw names from the roster to select people. Hao Fengjun's name was unfortunately pulled out of the computer.

China Central Television (CCTV)'s "Lies Focus" -- Media acting in collusion with the Judicatory Departments

On November 5, 2003, the CCP's China Central Television (CCTV)'s "News Focus" fabricated a special program called "Behind the 'patent'", in which a former Falun Gong practitioner, Jing Zhanyi, the General Engineer of Handan Steel Company negated all those supernatural phenomena that appeared during his practice of Falun Gong. This special program was relayed by all media everywhere throughout China, and it was hailed as more so-called "solid evidence" that the CCP was able to use to persecute Falun Gong.

Hao Fengjun said that he was an on-the-spot witness during the time this special program was being fabricated. It was just after the 2004 New Year that the Tianjin State Security Bureau where he served received a special assignment. Four or five policemen, led by the head of the first brigade of the 610 Office, went to Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province to handle a "special" case. After they had returned, Hao Fengjun saw a white-haired, elderly man hanging from handcuffs in the interrogation room. He later learned that the old man was Jing Zhanyi, a high level official from Hebei province. After the interrogation, a reporter from China Central Television came to interview Jing Zhanyi. The plan was to show the world how much this official regretted his involvement with Falun Gong.

Hao Fengjun was outside the door that day while the interview was being carefully orchestrated by the Tianjin Bureau of State Security. He heard the Deputy Director of the State Security Bureau, Zhao Yuezeng, tell Jing Zhanyi that they would reduce his sentence if Jing would be willing to recite some lines they had prepared for him; otherwise he would be charged with treason and face either a life sentence or execution by firing squad. The poor old man complied with their requests and went on TV to criticize Falun Gong with their words, negating all those supernatural phenomena that had appeared during his practice of Falun Gong. Afterwards, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Hao Fengjun saw everything that happened from outside the door, and he couldn't help but say: "Aren't these lies?" Little did he think that just beside him there stood a reporter from the CCTV. Several days later, he was asked to have a conversation with his supervisor, Deputy Director Zhao Yuezeng. Han Fengjun knew he was in big trouble, but without mincing his words, he asked his boss, "Why did you threaten Jing Zhanyi?" His boss pounded the table immediately and claimed that Hao Fengjun was rebelling. As a result, Hao was kept in solitary confinement in a cell at the Tianjin Public Security Bureau, inside which there was no heat, while the outside temperature was several degrees below zero in North China for more than 20 days.

Witnessing the Torture of a Falun Gong practitioner

Hao Fengjun said that later, on October 3, 2001, the Network Monitoring Team of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau discovered that some Falun Gong practitioners surfed the overseas Minghui internet site by breaking through the CCP's internet blockade. They passed this information to police in the 610 Office of the Bureau of State Security. The Falun Gong Investigation Team in the 610 Office was in charge of this case, which had the code name the "103" case. At the end of the year, this "103" case was listed as a special case by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security.

In the beginning of 2002, the authorities started arresting people involved in the "103" case. In one day, 79 Falun Gong practitioners were arrested and another two escaped. One of the escaped practitioners was a 14 year-old girl named Xu Ziao. This girl's mother, Sun Ti, was arrested and little Xu hence became homeless at the age of 14. One night in Feb 2002, Hao Fengjun received a call asking him and a policewoman to come to work and accompany a Falun Gong practitioner to see a doctor. When they arrived at the Detention Center, Hao Fengjun saw Sun Ti, a Falun Gong practitioner over 50 years old. She looked like a housewife. She sat on a stool in the interrogation room, and on the same stool there was a piece of plywood bound to her legs. Sun's eyes were very swollen from the beating. The policeman who interrogated Sun was holding a steel rod (0.6 inch in diameter) with a screw thread stained with blood. There was a hi-voltage electric baton sitting on the table. The policeman said: "I beat her. Don't worry." As Hao Fengjun and the policewoman entered the room, they asked the police to leave. Sun burst into tears and showed them her injuries. Hao was terribly shocked. Almost her entire back was beaten black and there were two cuts about 8 inches long with blood coming out.

After a while, Zhao Yuezeng, the Assistant Director of the Bureau of State Security and the Director of the 610 Office, came. To Hao Fengjun's surprise, Zhao ordered him not to mention this to anyone and said that they were going to prosecute her and interrogate her again when her injuries healed.

For the next 30 days, Hao Fengjun and the policewoman had to apply medicine on Sun. During his period of contact with Sun Ti, almost every day Hao Fengjun heard Sun ask about her daughter's whereabouts and told them how Falun Gong practitioners were good people, and his heart was moved. He cared about her daughter even more. A 14-year-old girl who lost her parents and couldn't even go to her relatives (all her relatives were also being monitored)--how could she find food and a place to sleep? In those days, Hao Fengjun fidgeted in his office. With his intuitive knowledge, he regretted that he had not stopped this from happening. His heart became anxious and heavy and he cried.

Hao Fengjun often dreamed about what happened to Sun and Xu and the miserable scene he witnessed, and he lost sleep. He was in total despair about China's future and his future as a policeman. Hao Fengjun said that this incident was a huge turning point in his mind and served to foreshadow his eventual escape from China and journey to Australia.

The Eve of the April 25 Appeal

Hao Fengjun said: "My first contact with Falun Gong was during the April 25th Appeal in 1999. On the previous day, practitioners had gone to the Tianjin College of Education to appeal and the college was located in the Heping District, which was the domain of the police substation where I worked. On April 22 when Falun Gong practitioners went to Tianjin College of Education, I also went there, since at that time the Heping police substation ordered all the police force to go there. After we arrived there, we didn't see them (the Falun Gong practitioners) shaking their fists like ordinary workers; instead they only sat there silently. Then the city officials appeared and brought them inside. He told them that Tianjin City could not solve the problem of Falun Gong and so the practitioners should go to Beijing. Before this incident I did not know Falun Gong practitioners; however, at that time I thought that if Falun Gong practitioners went to Beijing, then the Tianjin municipal government should take part of the responsibility. If the officials at the Tianjin municipal government did not tell them to, the Falun Gong practitioners probably would not have gone to Beijing. On top of the Tianjin College of Education and on the roof of the three-storey building across the street, they installed several video cameras. The Tianjin Bureau of State Security secretly tape-recorded all of the four to five thousand Falun Gong practitioners on the spot, and then distributed the videotapes to all police substations to investigate and keep in their archives. This was so-called 'basic work'."

The CCP is Losing Support

Since the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party was published at the end of last year, the total number of people who have quit the CCP is more than two and a quarter million, and the number is increasing daily like a rolling snowball. Under this circumstance, many officials in the CCP have awakened one after another and quit the CCP to get back to humanity, justice and conscience. Chen Yonglin first, then Hao Fengjun stepped forward with extraordinary courage and dealt a direct and serious blow to the evil party. What a coincidence that Chen Yonglin used to be a diplomat who was responsible for monitoring and harassing Falun Gong overseas, while Hao Fengjun was a former police officer of the 610 Office that persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in China. Today after six years of persecution by the CCP, Falun Gong has not been eradicated but has won more and more respect and support. On the contrary, people have come to clearly see the evil nature of the CCP, and it is rapidly losing support. It can be forecasted that in the near future there will be more people like Chen Yonglin and Hao Fengjun stepping forward to expose the CCP and choose a brighter future.

June 12, 2005