(Clearwisdom.net) One time, I happened to accompany an official from China who was overseas with a fellow delegate to visit resorts. Along the way, we naturally started to talk about China's current situation.

The official said, "It is hard to have such a relaxing time in China. When going somewhere, high-ranking officials are surrounded by many people. Everyone is very nervous during the meeting. The people live very tiring lives."

I said, "The purpose of living in this world is not to gain profit. People should live with a clear mind and do more good deeds. Chinese people have believed since ancient times that good deeds are rewarded with good and that bad deeds will meet with retribution. Our ability to talk with each other sincerely here today is because of our predestined relationship." The official said, "Yes, I too believe in predestined relationships."

While talking about China's current economic situation, the official said, "Chinese government officials' corruption is an incurable disease. The so-called "economic prosperity" is a fake. What the government depends on is to devour people's personal savings. If some day, everyone withdraws their money from the bank, The Communist Party will immediately collapse."

During the tour, the young guide pointed to a painting, showing a scene of Jesus being persecuted, and said, "No one in history who persecuted deities met with a good end. Those who are persecuting Falun Gong in China will definitely get retribution too!" The official said, "Be careful when you speak. It would be the best if you can find a job overseas after graduation and don't go back to China. If you cannot get a job, then go back to China and I will help you!"

In the train station, a Westerner gave each of us a copy of a newspaper. It was the Epoch Times' special edition Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The official and those accompanying him accepted the newspapers. During the four and a half hour express train ride, they were attentively reading the Nine Commentaries."

The official said, "I heard about the Nine Commentaries several months ago. Sometimes, the security department gives us some pieces of it to read, but they are all garbled. I think what I'm reading here today is all true."

June 2, 2005