(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings to Master Li and fellow practitioners! Today, I would like to share with you my understandings and experiences about getting rid of the evil communist party's culture and promoting the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party.

Master Li mentioned in "Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference":

"Ordinary people don't believe that the malevolent Party has an evil specter and rotten demons to it, but Dafa disciples do believe so. It is the evil specter's field that enables the malevolent Party to have a footing in this world. In the one hundred years or so since the Paris Commune, the evil specter has formed a large field in the human dimension. The density of the field was quite high before."

One article on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) said, "One practitioner cultivates with supernormal capabilities. He found that his body in other dimensions has one part that had strong multi-colored sunlight, and the other part of his body was covered with a dark, dusty cloud. He said that the cloudy part of body was occupied by the evil specter." I also found such a field that was full of all kinds of evil specters. I was not clear about the evil specter earlier. I was surprised by the atrocities and brutality of the evil specters in other dimensions. Ordinary rotten demons would vanish into thin air or feel scared and run away when you send forth righteous thoughts. However, the specters of the party, such evil beings, would stare at us like wolves as they tenaciously struggle to survive, existing in the gaps of bodies, and wielding strong destructive forces as long as they have even the slightest chance. Sometimes I think about the frantic, radical and absurd states during the period of China's Great Cultural Revolution, and how the evil specter disrupted the normal state of life. Master Li said:

"That warped culture was formed through its being purposefully instilled in you since elementary school, then high school, and all the way up to adulthood, and it started even as far back as when you started to learn and remember things. In other words, nowadays everyone in Mainland China is thinking in the evil-party-culture's way." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference")

After reading the Nine Commentaries, I reflected on the pervasiveness of evil party culture, as well as my own cultivation.

I realized that I had been brainwashed again and again from elementary school to university and that the real purpose of the party is to destroy our inner human nature, that part of us that seeks the path upon which we can return to our true self. Chinese people nowadays don't believe in God and Buddha, nor do they believe in the so-called Marxism. But their brains are full of all kinds of poisonous elements. Sometimes, I imagine that they also make efforts to look for the path to return home. However, the poison of the CCP culture makes it hard for them to believe that there is still simplicity, kindness and beauty in this world. At present, the empty spaces in Chinese people's morality are filled and poisoned by the party's evil culture.

Master Li mentioned about science and the deviation of matter when answering practitioners' questions in "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference":

"When beings use science on a large scale, it indeed has a very bad effect in the cosmos. The cosmos is a cycling entity, and all factors of matter are cycling. In the process of being eliminated, the beings that have sinned rid themselves of those sins. They are eliminated, eliminated, and eliminated, until in that elimination process they are reduced to only death matter with no life whatsoever, and then they will gradually rise one level after another and be utilized. The cosmos is a cycling entity, and if a substance is warped that will be a bad situation. The warped substance will be absorbed by lower-level beings, the high-level beings can't go to the low levels to resolve it, and when the substance that can't be resolved by lower-level beings is used again, it sublimates during the cycling, and after the initial warpedness sublimates, higher-level beings can't completely resolve it, either. As it sublimates it can't be completely resolved at any of the levels, and when this happens to numerous substances it causes a large part of the cosmos to become warped.

"You know, the steel and iron we have today, most are composites of many different metals. When they are re-smelted you cannot again make the metal pure, and no technology can completely separate them anymore. You know, once chemical fertilizers are applied to soil, you can't grow anything out of that soil if you stop chemically fertilizing it; it won't grow anything anymore. The seeds that were chemically fertilized require the chemical fertilization each time around. The warped seeds can't sustain themselves without chemical fertilization. The chemical fertilizers, you know, they're composites of chemical things."

Reading this lecture helped me relate to the relationship between evil party culture and the deviation of matter. Human nature has a kind side and could manifest as Buddha nature when upgrading to a high level. But the party culture builds the standard to judge good and evil in its own system and deviate the human gene. This is a big barrier in practitioners' cultivation process and it manifests as a confused cultivation state.

One piece of land, if it is barren field, will produce dry and bitter fruit. Such fruit is dry and bitter, but it doesn't do any harm to the human body as it is naturally grown. It is just like the everyday society in ancient China. People will have attachments to fame, personal interest and sentimentality, but these are normal human attachments. Cultivators can remove and discard such attachments during the cultivation process.

A piece of land, if it is barren field mixed with deviated elements and matter, will still produce dry and bitter fruit, but such fruit is harmful to the human body and human genes. In the so-called difficult time of the Chinese Communist regime, they created a series of evil cultures mixed with terribly deviated matter behind it. The elements, mixing up the concepts and demonic elements of violence, brutality, battle, etc., are added into the human genes and mixed with the kind and greedy genes of human beings. These are severe deviations of humankind's way of thinking. Such deviations broke off the Chinese nation from its culture that has been passed on for five thousand years, and made the traditional culture lose its original importance and meaning. At the same time, it also lead to deviation in the human way of thinking and deviation of the standard for judging good and evil in people's minds, causing people to mix the implications of different concepts, and start to set barriers for the future spreading of Dafa and the Fa-rectification in the cosmos.

For example, in Dafa practitioners' cultivation, sometimes we will find that some practitioners' cultivation states strongly reflect the mark of the evil party culture. For example, the thought that it is good to be poor and being poor means removal of attachments. More of such thinking might be, "The more difficult the practitioner's financial situation is, the better the cultivation state of this practitioner is. If this practitioner is rich, it shows that this practitioner is attached to money." Thus many practitioners are afraid of having any wealth, etc. These are all mechanical and extreme ideas.

The party uses every tool that its evil culture has developed over time, every means at its disposal, to defame Master Li and cause confusion in the cultivation of Dafa practitioners. At present, when we clarify the truth to Chinese people, they often say that we are getting involved in politics. Chinese people's ways of thinking have been deviated by the party culture. The deviated notions that the evil-specter-possessed party has created in people's minds makes people feel that it is wrong to "get involved in politics," and that anyone who even mentions the name of the party is "getting involved in politics." The people of China have been brainwashed, and are numb to the evil nature of the party culture.

Another impact is that the evil party's culture contains elements to maintain its strength, which has an impact on cultivators. For example, there are some high-ranking people with Chinese cultural background, people with so-called good tutelages, who take fame and self-interest lightly, and treat people kindly. But behind such kindness, these people are permeated with fearful demonic elements. These strong attachments exist to maintain a way of living to meet certain goals. Their kindness is not based on the natural kindness of human nature. It is instead contrived to maintain their own self-interest.

When I began to understand these concepts myself, I felt the kinds of pains I normally feel in the process of removing my attachments, similar to the pain one would feel if one were to have their heart gouged out. Now, I can clearly see when I am using the way of thinking that evil party created. This allows me to remove my attachments and use their deviated way of thinking to cultivate away the deviated notion of fame, interests and sentimentality. I even find that the way I search for my attachments follows the party's model of how one should think. This has prevented me from finding the root source of my attachments and all the persecutions the old forces have so carefully schemed and harbored to disrupt my path with their evil intentions. (To be continued)

Written on May 31, 2005