We have often heard fellow practitioners telling coordinators or other practitioners working on Falun Dafa projects that we had problems on the whole and as "one body" we had such and such omissions, etc.

When I calmed down to study the Fa, I reached a clear understanding on this issue. All of us practitioners should be "one body." Then isn't this "one body" made up of each particle? When we individual practitioners (particles) point out deficiencies in this "one body" as onlookers rather than quietly complementing and harmonizing it as particles, aren't we excluding ourselves from this "one body"? This inadvertently weakens our overall strength, and sometimes it even gives excuses to the evil for carrying out the persecution. It also unintentionally creates divisions among practitioners.

Actually this "one body" is made up of each of us. When each of us places ourselves in it, we shoulder our responsibilities to assist others around us and help to harmonize the "one body" based on the Fa-rectification. Thus, those so-called "omissions" and "deficiencies" will soon be taken care of, and the power of Dafa will be manifested continually.

May 18, 2005