(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Dafa in January of 2005. One month before obtaining the Fa, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at a hospital. At the time, I could barely bend my legs, and I could only maintain a half-squat position when I used the toilet. The joints in my hands became swollen and painful and I could not lift anything that was even a little heavy. I could not even hold my child who was only 3 months old. My condition was already very serious. This disease is considered incurable and can only be controlled by drugs. As time goes by, one's legs will become disabled or paralyzed. Seeing my diagnosis in writing made my eyes fill with tears. I was only 29, why did I have this kind of disease?

On my way home from the hospital, I thought about Falun Dafa. Only Falun Dafa could save me. My mother practices Falun Dafa and she often told me the miraculous stories of the practice. So I told my husband about practicing Falun Dafa, but he was completely against it and insisted that I seek medical help. Without a better choice, I found a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. I took 20 courses of Chinese medicine, but the effect was not good.

My mother was very worried about my condition. She repeatedly advised me to come home to learn Falun Dafa. Although I had read in many Falun Dafa materials about the numerous cases of Dafa curing strange and stubborn diseases, I still did not quite believe it. Could Falun Dafa really be so good?

One month later, with an attitude of giving it a try, I went home to learn Falun Dafa from my mother. The first day I started learning Falun Dafa I stopped taking the medicine. But the joints in my hands and legs became severely swollen and painful on the second day. My mother said, "You should not seek to heal illnesses when you practice Falun Dafa. You will gain things naturally without pursuing them."

I did what my mother told me to do and a miracle happened. The third day after I started practicing Falun Dafa, the swelling in my hands and legs disappeared and my joints got completely back to normal.

I'm really so happy. It is Teacher Li who has given me a healthy body again. Falun Dafa is indeed miraculous and great. I will definitely persist in practicing Falun Dafa.

This is my personal experience. Kindhearted people, please believe in Falun Dafa. You will be blessed and your future will become better.