(Clearwisdom.net) While the authorities at the No. 3 Detention Center of the Jilin City Police Department present themselves as officers who actively promote so-called "civilized law enforcement," and while various law provisions are posted on their walls, under the table they have been committing dirty crimes. The officers take huge bribes from detainees. In their private conversations, many inmates call the officers "gangsters in uniform."

Since the persecution of Falun Gong started on July 20, 1999, hundreds of Falun Dafa practitioners have been imprisoned in this detention center. The authorities there have been brutally persecuting the practitioners. In particular, led by former Head Sun Zhufeng and the Political Director Wang Wenkui, the authorities at the center persecuted and killed three Falun Dafa practitioners including Wang Lixin, Fu Chunsheng, and Li Chuanping. Below are some examples of the brutal tortures used on practitioners at the No. 3 Detention Center:

Sitting Board

In October of 2000, the perpetrators forced practitioners to put their hands on their laps and sit on benches for days, with their palms facing up and their backs straight. As soon as the practitioners moved a little bit, the officers would order other inmates to beat and kick them.

Photo reenactment 1: Torture of group sitting board

Photo reenactment 1: Practitioners were kicked while being forced to sit on the board

"Sardine Sleeping"

Again in October 2000, the authorities illegally detained and tortured the practitioners. They gave each practitioner only a tiny space as wide as a few inches (about a dozen centimeters), and forced each to lie on the ground with their head against the feet of the practitioner next to them. The practitioners were so tightly squashed that they could hardly breathe. (Photo 3)

Photo reenactment 3: Group "sardine sleeping"

Brutally Force-feeding the Practitioners While Torturing them with Handcuffs and Shackles Connected Together

On October 15, 2004, because Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Dong Lihua insisted on doing the Falun Gong exercises, an officer surnamed Li forced her to wear a prison uniform, and then put her in handcuffs and shackles. Because the officer twisted the shackles, the handcuffs and shackles were connected, forcing Ms. Dong to bend her body painfully. Unable to stretch her legs or straighten her back, Ms. Dong was forced to sit on the ground with her back permanently hunched.

They tortured Ms. Dong this way continuously for 120 hours. Even when she needed to go to the bathroom, she was still tortured this way, with other people carrying her to the restroom, untying and re-tying her pants. To protest the persecution, Ms. Dong held a hunger strike, refusing to eat or drink. Finally, when her heartbeat reached 120 to 150 beats per minute, the officers started to force feed her with a substance mixed with some unknown drugs. Every time they force-fed her, the perpetrators forced the tube into Ms. Dong two, three, sometimes even four or five times, causing great pain. Sometimes Ms. Dong was almost suffocated by the force-feeding.

Photo reenactment 4: Wearing connected handcuffs and shackles

Photo reenactment 5: Brutally inserting tube to force-feed practitioners

Every time any practitioner stopped eating even one meal, the authorities immediately used this brutal torture to force feed them.

The officers in the No. 3 Detention Center are currently still using the connected handcuffs and shackles to torture practitioners who continue to practice the Falun Gong exercises or to hold hunger strikes to protest the persecution. After this torture, the practitioners often cannot take care of themselves and cannot live independently; even basic movement causes immense pain.

The phone numbers of personnel in the No. 3 Detention Center who are responsible for the persecution:

(Note: To reach the numbers, dial country code 86 + area code 432 first for home or office phone numbers; for cell phone numbers, dial the country code first without the area code)

Liu Xuezhi (Director): 2578266; Liu Changjun (Political Instructor): 7807299
Huang Jianmin (Associate Director): 7807298; Cong Maohua (Associate Director): 2017071
Xing Shufen (Female Officer): 2026730 (Home)
Zhang Shaoqing (Prison doctor): 86-432-2031188 (Home)
Cao Jingyu (Discipline Instructor): 2433954; Dong Yushu (Discipline Instructor): 2482155
Cui Yanxin: 4673907; Liu Yanjun: 6414156; Li Xiaomin (female): 4667038
Li Deli: 4676122, Fu Runfan: 2575485, Li Zhenxiang: 2781997
Yin Tieshan: 4878388, Xu Chao: 4653351, Yu Changjiang: 2480799
Liu Dewen: 2532319, Sun Biao: 4866116, Xu Mingshan: 2011353
Yuan Zhe: 6121039, Wu Jige: 2787910, Zhang Shaoqing: 2031188
Liu Yang: 4239177, Chen Liang: 2022729, Huang Liang: 2030890
Ma Shuai: 5912158, Shen Guohui: 8861724, Mao Xiuzhi: 2594979
Wang Guiren: 456263, Zhang Hongyu: 13596273666 (Cell), Zhou Yan: 13166900182 (Cell)
Prison Administration Detachment of the Jilin City Police Department:
Piao Yongzhi (Head): 2580555 (Home), Yang Fenglin (Associate Political Director): 2576988 (Home)
Dong Ping (Associate Head): 2584567 (Home), Li Dechen (former Associate Head): 2578506 (Home)
Tian Xingwu (former Associate Head): 2455766 (Home)
Zhu Caixia (Head of the Political Office): 2589996 (Home), Sun Aimin (Associate head of the Political Office): 13009156527 (Cell)
Wang Xin (Secretary Office Head): 2584831 (Home), Sun Lijun (Second Head of the Secretary Office): 2574088 (Home)
Lu Haiquan (Head of the Office of Instructors): 2571925 (Home), Zhou Yong (Associate Head of the Office of Instructors): 4650646 (Home)
Zheng Wenji (Office of Prison Detectives): 4871788 (Home)
Chu Haiqing (Head of the Administration Office): 2773059 (Home), Hong Guochen (Associate Head of the Administration Office): 2032552 (Home)