Xingyu Group's Board Chairman Is Fired After Demolishing Falun Gong Founder's Former Residence

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Teacher Li's former residence was situated at Construction Square in Changchun City. It was a common and old residence building (see Picture 1). From the building's structure and the environment surrounding it, people could easily see that it was far from the so- called "luxury mansion" described by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) state-run media (see pictures 3 & 4). Teacher Li's apartment was on the fourth floor, the highest level (see picture 5). It's door was sealed with a ribbon dated 1999 (see Picture 2). (The pictures were published on November 9, 2000 on the Minghui website in the article, "The Truth about the 'Luxury Mansion in Changchun City'")

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The existence of the residence was direct evidence exposing the lies put forth by the CCP's media, which made claims about the Falun Gong founder's "luxury mansion" in Changchun in 1999. Therefore, local CCP authorities were in a hurry to dismantle the building in order to cover the lies.

The contractor in charge of the job was the Xingyu Group of Changchun City. After demolishing that still-solid building, they immediately built a new residence and office on the same site. However, the group's board chairman was fired at the beginning of November 2004, right after they finished their work.

Two Police Station Chiefs Meet With Karmic Retribution Due to the Persecution of Falun Gong

Wang Huansheng, former chief of Jiulong Town Police Station, was directly responsible for the persecution of Falun Gong practitioner Li Qisheng, who was tortured to death. Wang was later transferred to the Jiaozhou Detention Center as a political instructor, but he died of cancer soon after starting his new position.

Zhou Wei, former chief of Madian Town Police Station, died while holding the position of director of the detention center at the Jiaozhou City Police Department. He actively participated in the persecution against Falun Gong, and he arrested practitioner Wang Yubao during the Chinese Lunar New Year season. He also tortured Mr. Wang for days by hanging him from the cell wall with his arms and legs spread apart. One night in January 2005, while he was drunk at his father-in-law's home, he suddenly died, meeting his karmic retribution.

Leader of the National Security Group, Daying County, Suining City, Sichuang Province, Meets His Karmic Retribution

Yao Jianchun, former leader of the National Security Group of Daying County, Suining City, Sichuang Province, actively followed Jiang's regime to persecute local Falun Gong practitioners. He died of cancer at the end of 2004 and was only in his forties.

[Editor's note: These incidents should not have occurred, but the Jiang regime's shameless defamations cause those who do not have the ability of discerning the truth to hate Dafa. Their lies have caused those who do not have a righteous mind to consciously persecute Falun Dafa for their own personal gain and to protect their own benefits. They incite those people with greed for power and money to persecute Dafa disciples in order to be given a pay raise or promoted. However, heavenly principles are just. The truth that good is rewarded with good and evil behavior is met with bad consequences is an absolute and cannot be bypassed. Hopefully people will abstain from evil deeds that aim at damaging Dafa (the teachings of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance) and act with conscience.]